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Welcome to desanity's icon journal! yes yes another icon journal oh no well this icon journal is no different then the others except maybe the graphics well anyways welcome and I hope you enojy your stay and my icons and banners!

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Please remember to credit me for my icons. It takes me time to make them and alot of hard work and downloading brushes,fonts,patterns etc. So please remeber to credit. if you dont know how you can just put in the keywords
ms_freak112 or __pixicons. and thats it. also thats before or after you have uploaded the icon.

If its not to much trouble leave a comment if you're taking an icon =) It motivates me to make more icons for
you of course.You dont have to ask to take the icons you want just leave comment and tell me what you're taking
so I can make more of the icons the users prefer more get it?

If your going to use the icon in another journal website please credit and put that it is from live journal.Again
credit to ms_freak112 or __pixicons
thats all I expect from you ^^ enjoy

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Yes I do take requests so you may request an icon and please..dont take advantage of me and ask me on every single post to make you an icon be considerate. Also please be sepcific on how you want your icon every detail if possible ^_^

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these are the users who supply the brushes I use ^^

glitzygurl ruuk ____xruinme syndarys _joni dearest september_icons braggadocio_org miggy dj43 alleycatfish purple_malik daughterofsnape crumblingwalls filipinoz_rule tragic_icons carbon_paper darkangel_alone contradictz eyes__x__rot _otherday gaelic_aoife any_otherday floorshow nine_am ___candyrain colorfilter ladybanteerin meleada unmasked_icons cdg wicked_one hydrogen

and so much more I forgot im sorry O_O

100x100_brushes -

just in case I forgot to credit any user ^^'


Icon Bases

screencap resources
anime galleries
g h o s t caps
Advent Children Screencaps

Fanart Credit
www.ghostcircles.com/ dxs/fana/ - Roy and ED

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