well this is it.

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this is surprising to say, but i think i might miss 2005...i mean it was a shit ass year, but i learned a lot from my mistakes and experiences that i came across.
ive grown out of a lot of things that i use to love and i love the things i use to hate. i made enemies into friends and friends into enemies and kept the people that mattered just the way they are.
let's make next year a good one.
good bye and good riddance, 2005.

so you wanna go blonde?

okay that is it.
im doing something with the hair.
i dont know what but i know i HAVE TO, HAVE TO get it cut and layered and that whole dealie.
i hate my hair.
figuring out how to cut it isnt a big problem, but figuring out what colors to kill it with is.
i never ever have gone blonde so i really wanna put some blonde in, but with that stupid rule, "always go dark in winter and lighter in the summer."
who even came up with that crap..seeeiirously.
okay fine, next week folks im cutting and dying my hair.
im going light. screw the winter rule.
so throw some ideas and pictures to help me decide.
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wednesday next week.

livejournal youre making me sick and youre boring.
i no longer have anything to write, post, rant, brag, blab and just show to anyone.
has my life really gotten that boring?

bravo for mel gibson.

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i finished watching Passion Of The Christ today.
im ashamed to say i didnt watch it earlier.
AMAZING movie.
i love the whole religion and the history behind it.
im offically inclined to learn more.

Yeah, its another one of those, i love him and hes the best, posts.

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oh God how we hate this pose.^

today...i had a picnic in a living room with my boyfriend.
hes so cute.
he made me a tuna melt with heart shaped bread pieces annnnd his moms aamazing apple pie.
and i thought, "sweeeeet."
then we watched movies on the blankets we layed out and i fell asleep.
then i just came home now and i had to write about it because he was very nice today haha.
i couldnt ask for a more better night haha.
and i looove him!