mandapants !!! (__pinkyswear) wrote,
mandapants !!!

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i haven't been on here in almost three months. crazy.
now i live in jackson. still with my richard.
we live with his mom & pseudo-biker boyfriend. i hate living with them. but it was nice of them to let us move in.
& i quit my job almost a week ago. without warning. & i still haven't called. the people totally sucked & deserve it.
& um, duh, we don't have the internet still. but i've managed.
i read some. okay, tons. i'm almost on nerd status.
i'm at brandons now. listening to them talk about guitar crap & his dad talking about a candle lighting the house on fire.
but um i guess i'm done. because i don't like typing out my life with four people in the room.
so i guess i'll update whenever i can. probably in another three months.
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