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kay. this weekend was kind of crazy.
waking up at seven in the am. two days in a row. jackson & apartment hunting. bush signs in the rich fuck neighborhoods & ten seconds into the ghetto, huge kerry signs. proven points. whoa!!1 that's fucking scary. exoctic hair desgins. his family reunion. & i like his family tons better than mine. too sick to work. but i did it anyway. happy meals & hello kitty toys. waking up too early & can't go back to sleep. ew.
&& it's gayyyy that my mom went crazy & we have to move out like three days after my birthday. & i don't think it really matters if we have a place to go.
but it's okay!!1 we're going to jackson tomorrow to look for jobs & we're gonna look at another apartment. & if we like it & they let me sign two weeks before my eighteenth, we're so getting it. we're packing our shit & leaving while she's at work. & she doesn't know.
but, if we don't like it, we're gonna look for something else & if we can't afford anything else, WE'RE GONNA NEED A ROOMIE. this is why this post is public. we might need someone. we'll probably take anyone that we kind of know. but you can't suck & you have to listen to good music. just because god forbid & vanilla ice don't sound good together. so if anyone reads this, that lives around jackson & maybe wants some roomates or to move. email me or leave a comment.
i'll know after tomorrow if we'll need one.
it's crazy the stuff people post on livejournal nowadays.

//name: amanda.
//age: eighteen in about two weeks. hot damn!!
//birthday: ocotober sixth.
//location: milan.
//sex: girl.
//school: beauty school. hopefully at the begining of next year.
//siblings: one older half brother. & some others i don't know about.
//parents: katie & james.
//are your parents together?: nope.

//currently reading: i read a magazine the other day?
//currently listening to: blood brothers.
//currently writing: in here.
//currently watching: nothing.
//currently wishing: that we had our own place.
//currently wanting: our own place.
//currently crushing on: richard. always.
//currently in [what room are you in]: my room.
//currently wearing: a hoodie & plaid jammie pants.

[what's to your...]
//whats to your right?: a closet & some clothes.
//whats to your left?: three guitars, a shelve thing with bunches of stuff on it, & some cds.
//whats in front of you?: my computer, cd player, candles, camera, water bottles & the phone.
//whats behind you?: my bed, richard sleeping, a window, a tv, tons of stuffed animals, a poster of the new york skyline at night & one of johnny cash, & um more clothes.

//favorite book[s]: not that big of a reader. but i'm gonna change that.
//favorite song[s]: shit tons.
//favorite artist[s]: poison the well, brand new, blood brothers, daughters, the black dahlia murder, coldplay, & a few tons more.
//favorite writer[s]: yeah.
//favorite food[s]: bean burrittos & brownies.
//favorite color[s]: pink, green, brown, & black.
//favorite subject in school: i liked english.
//favorite room in your house: none. i'm ready to get away.
//favorite place to be: away.
//favorite movie[s]: cry baby, dirty dancing, drop dead fred, edward scissorhands, finding nemo, what's eating gilbert grape, girl interrupted, requiem for a dream, shawshank redemption, sixteen candles, the virgin suicides.
//favorite tv show[s]: roseanne, real world, boy meets world, & saved by the bell.
//favorite store[s]: old fucking navy, american eagle, buckle, forever 21, claries, hollister, & target.
//favorite clothing brands[s]: it's up there.

[love life]
//boyfriend/girlfriend?: boyfriend.
//if so, how long?: almost a year.
//who do you like?: omgggzzz richard phillips.
//have you ever told anyone [other than family members] you love them?: yup.
//did you mean it?: only everyday i tell him.
//how many guys have you kissed?: ten - fifteen.
//how many girls have you kissed?: around six.
//how many guys have you dated?: six or seven.
//how many girls have you dated?: one, kind of.
//what do you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend? [physically]: light hair, green eyes, a cute nose, big arms, but not like omggzzz bro look at my gunzz!! type of big, but um big, & big hands, kind of tall, & chubby. preppy dressed with an edge, messy/spikesh hair, thick glasses.
//what do you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend? [personality]: fucking hilarious assholes who are super sweet to me. & i guess they need some smarts. & someone who can lay in bed with me, with all the lights off, & talk about whatever. & be totally happy with it.
//longest relationship?: this one.
//shortest relationship?: like a month & a half?

[have you ever...]
//had sex?: yup.
//given oral sex?: whoooa.
//recieved oral sex?: whoa times two.
//drank alcohol?: i was a lush & i hated it.
//smoked?: only ciggarttes.

[do you...]
//drink alcohol?: no thanks.
//smoke?: nope.
//watch porn?: not too much.
//do drugs?: nope.
//self-harm?: that's kind of lame.

[your bed]
//size: twin.
//sheets: my blankets are leopard & my pillows are red & hello kitty.
//how many pillows: maybe seven.
//stuffed animals: i have tons around my bed.

[odds n ends]
//obsessions: hello kitty, marilyn monroe, music, & hair. mostly.
//bad habits: procrastinating(me too, kateface), talking about people reallyreally loud when they're reallyreally close, i analyze everything ever, & i'm a clumsy fuck.
//weird fact about yourself: i still wear my 90210 shirt from when i was like six.
//what kind of music are you into?: i'll listen to almost anything.
//best concert: i don't go to many shows.

[this or that]
//summer or winter: winter.
//spring or fall: fall.
//summer or fall: fall.
//winter or spring: winter.
//clean or dirty: kind of both.
//night or day: night.
//rain or shine: rain.
//grass or pavement: whatev.
//radio or cds: both.
//vhs or dvd: whatev.
//board games or computer games: both.
//light or dark: dark.
//movies or mall: movies, then the mall.
//football or hockey: richard makes me watch fooooseball.
//hockey or lacrosse: i'd watch hockey before lacrosse.

[what do you think when you hear...]
//metallica: one.
//britney spears: slutbag.
//christina aguilera: it's definitly not marilyn monroe, thanks.
//kiss: long tounges & big boots.
//queen: my little pop lock dance thing.
//good charlotte: a little bit of gay.
//simple plan: nights spent singing to richard.
//thursday: ben.
//bright eyes: i kind of hate conor. like, kind of a lot.
//bad religion: ehh.
//bad company: josh.
//scorpions: ha.
//journey: nick from bsb, because he said that was his favorite & i loved them tons, so i knew.
//otown: slow dances with richard.
//backstreet boys: OMGZZZ.

//same sex marriages: for.
//gun control: for.
//legalization of pot: i don't give a crap.
//birth control: for.
//abortion: so against.
//war: against this war.
//bush: yeah, wow.
//kerry: high five.
//authorities cracking down on illegal music downloaders: lameee.

[in your own words]
//your life motto: 'it's not about wanting what you want, it's wanting what you got.'

//favorite quote: 'hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss & fifty cents for your soul.'
//favorite lyric: anything by brand new.
//favorite oxymoron: um.

[personal hygiene]
//do you shower every day?: yup.
//what toothpaste do you use?: colgate.
//do you floss?: yup.
//mouthwash?: most of it makes me puke.
//deoderant?: dove.
//shampoo?: fruitics or however it's spelled.
//conditioner?: same thing.
//body wash?: vanilla bean soap.
//face wash?: i just use soap.

//foundation?: sometimes, & i dunno what it is.
//powder?: yup, cover girl.
//eyeliner?: yup, avon stuff.
//mascara?: yup, avon stuff again.
//eyeshadow?: pink, auburnesh, or light brown.
//lipstick or lipgloss?: lipgloss & chapstick.

//shaving or waxing?: shaving.
//tweezing or waxing?: tweezing.
//barber or salon?: salon.
//straigtening or curling?: usually straightening.

//hair color: black & brown.
//eye color: light brown/auburn.
//skin color: not completely pale.
//nail color: pink.
//height: five three.

[how often do you...]
//go shopping?: three or four times a month.
//go to the movies?: i haven't been in like a year.
//go out for dinner?: sometimes. or maybe a lot, really.
//clean: sometimes.
//exercise: maybe twice a week. but i need to more.
//watch tv: lots.
//read: sometimes.
//go online: not as much as i used to.

[the end]
//did you like this survey?: no.
//should i make more? probably not?
//are you glad it's done? not really. i'm not gonna have anything to do.
//what are you going to do now? probably sit here until i can't keep my eyes open anymore. then finally give up & go to sleep.
//what are you going to do later? sleep.
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