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i worked eleven hours today. we needed someone tonight so i said i would. it wasn't as bad as i thought. plus i needed something to do; richard went to jackson to practice with his band & i didn't want to attend. & now im sitting here in my jammers listening to the deftones super loud, because theyre loveler, waiting for him. && doing

First Name : amanda.
Sex : girl.
Age : seventeen & a half. oh, the half does matter.
Dob : october sixth.
Zodiac Sign : libra.
Height : five two or three.
Eye color : light brown.
Hair color and length : dark brown with some auburn, blonde, & light brown, & uhm, it's a little past my collar bones.
Location : milan.
Address : kay no.
Phone Number : 6627859.

Are you popular : a lot of people know me, so maybe?
Do your friends really know you: maybe two.
What do they tend to be like: it differs.
Are there traits in you, that are universally liked: i'll always be there to listen?
Do you trust others easily: probably not.
Have you lost any friends : uh, like a bunch.
Do you have more guy, or girlfriends: guy?
Ever stolen a friends boyfriend/girlfriend : no?

Love Life;
Is there a difference between a crush and being in love : uh, probably so.
Are you (honestly) afraid of commitment : nope.
Are you attracted to people with accents : whatever.
Do long distance relationships work : it did for me.
Are you usually the first to ask a person out: if i really like them-- yeah.

Do you think you look attractive : sometimes.
Do you have any freckles : nope.
What about birthmarks : for sure.
Describe your style : preppy/emo-y?
Ever go to a beauty salon : yeah.
What do you think others think of your style: i'm not too worried about it.
How long would it take you to get ready each morning: about an hour & a half.

Describe your personality in three words : silly, sarcastic, shy.
Are you planning to wait until you are married to have sex : too late.
Does size matter to you : if it's like two inches, then okay, yeah.
Favorite sexual position : stuff.
Are you horny right now : not... really.
Are you heterosexual, bisexual, or gay : hetero?
Are you against homosexuality : no sir.
Would you consider kissing a member of the same sex: i have.
Would you consider sleeping with a member of the same sex: i have.
Do you use any form of birth control, and if so, which: condiments.

The Future;
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time : almost twenty eight. harharhar.
Future job : cosmetologist.
Future car : someday i will have an escalad-- even though i can't spell it.
Going to have children : someday.
What will you name them : i really like tegan paige & riley mackenzie.
At what age would you like to be married : mid twenties.
Your idea of the perfect wedding : somewhere near water.

Clothes : thursday shirt & seamestreet jammer pants.
Mood : kind of tired.
Music : deftones.
Taste : kool aid.
Hair : in a messy ponytail.
Color of nails : lightlight pink.
Crush : your moms mom.

Last Person;
You hugged : richard.
You fought with : richard.
You had sex with : richard.
You played dress up with : uhm.
You emailed : thats been soso long ago.
You instant messaged : kaitlin.
You kissed : richard.
You had a crush on : look above.
You yelled at : some guy at work.
Who yelled at you : uhm.

Random Questions;
Do you find it uncomfortable without a bra: for sure.
On guys - i don't dig guys who wear bras?
On girls - what?
Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: yeah, but i'm super sympathic.
Choose one word to describe how you feel most often : good.
Do you dream at night time : yeah.
Are you right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous : righty.
What do you fear : drowning, car wrecks, planes crashing into my house.
Who is the hottest girl/guy in your school : --
Who do you really hate/dislike : no one.
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