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some people really do suck. no, really. & now i remember why i don't hang with the people i used to. theyre either a) high out of their minds all the time & listening to nu metal like it's still cool. b) two faced bitches that claim to be your best friend one minute, then go talk ridiculous shit to another best friend whom they've done the same thing to. or c) they just fucking suck. mostly c.
kay anyway. i had an awesome weekend.(except for being super sick sunday & still having to go into work, because they 'couldn't get anyone else to come in') richard & i went to jackson saturday. & i spent a little more than a hundred dollars. & now my total comes to thirteen or so. yeah, i know. almost two hundred dollars in less than two days. but it's okay-i'll get paid next week. & i WILL NOT blow it. nonono.
& yesterday i bought a fish. i can't spell or really remember what it is. but it's orange & white with black stripes. his name is pedro & i'm sure i didn't spell that right either. we were gonna name him nemo. but he looks mexican, so richard named him pedro.
&&&! FAYE; i wanna see you sometime before you leave, so uhm, call me since i'm never on, my numbers in the previous entry, & we'll work something out?
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