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i for serious never update anymore. looking back, i used to like every second of every day. i'm never on either. i guess it's because i have a job, my boyfriend here all the time, & we go out-a lot, & maybe i don't have a reason to be on anymore. so, if anyone ever wants to go out or something, you can call me at 6627859.
on another note; i'm getting paid tomorrow. & i reallyreally don't need to blow it all like last time. but i'm a girl & when we get money we want to shopshopshop. & i'm going to jackson saturday. & probably to the mall. but i can't spend more than like a hundred. probably not even that much. & it sucks. i know i'm gonna go to AE, A&F, buckle, victorys secret, & it's gonna be OV(over). & while i'm near there, i think i might stop by the OHC, seeing as how i haven't been there yet. or maybe i won't. thats like ten dollars i could spend on clothes. !!!
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