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so i got my hair done thursday. & i hated it. the blonde was okay. but the auburnred was reallyreally gross. i wanted an auburn/copper color. but they put the red on first, THEN the blonde. the red was on for over thirty minutes & it was supposed to be on for like twenty or twenty five? so instead of it being auburn or copper it was bright ass crayon red. & to me that looks really tacky. but i didn't say anything, cus i wanted to get out of there. so i go around with that mess on my head until yesterday. i dyed it dark brown. it didn't cover all of the red. but it's more of an auburn color now. & it's kind of cute.
&& i still haven't gotten my scores back. but my mom called my teacher & he said he thought i only did bad on the math. so this morning i have to call & see if i failed another part & if i can take those over this month, which would be this saturday. i hope i can. i don't wanna wait til like july to start beauty school.
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