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i took my test this morning. i know for sure that i did terrible on three parts of it. reading & english are the only ones that i know i passed. on the math, science, & essay i totally blanked. & during my science the teacher lady was making THE noises while she was eating. & yeah, no that didn't help. thanks. i got done around one thirty & went shopping for pants for work. & i got a cutecute purse. then i came home & talked to richard for all of thirtysomething minutes. then i had work. it was okay for the first thirty minutes. then the big glowing ball in the sky shifted a little to my right, where it stayed for a good two hours, all up in my grill. this resulted in one of the worst headaches of my life & my being an asshole to everyone that came in between the hours of five thirty & eight. && to make matters worse, it was soso busy & peoples orders kept getting messed up. i was for serious thinking about banging my head on the counter about a trillion times.
after work, i came home & talked to richard. & fell asleep on the phone. then i got up to put the phone on the charger & it woke me up. like always. & i tried to send him messages on his phone. but it appartently hasn't worked. or else i would be talking to him right now instead of doing this. i miss him a lots. wake up mister. pleasepleaseplease.
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