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i've been super busy since saturday. i went to look at cars. & i fell in love with a mercury blahblahtriowhatever. & the key was heart shaped. but i couldn't get it. my moms credit sucks. & i don't have any. & it made me soso sad. but it'll always be in my heart. richard called when i got home & asked if i wanted to go to his grandparents with him for easter. duh. so sunday i had to get up super early again. i met him at ten. we went to his grandparents. i met most of his family. & they were all really nice. before we left we went to a park. he pushed me on the swings. & i pushed him on the merry go round. & it was cute.
i stayed at his house til yesterday. it was the bestest. like always. we came back here & had cuddles. then i had work. i had to wear a shirt that was like a billion times too big. i felt total gangsta.
i go to class for the last time tonight. this saturday i take my test. & i need to look over some math stuff. i reallyreally hope i do okay. everyone is sure i will. i hope i don't let them down. especially him. after the test i'm going to look at more cars. & going shopping. & then i have to work.
i woke up this morning with the biggest urge to listen to norma jean. reallyreally loud.
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