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this is the first time i've been on in like a week. a tons happened in a week. i met richard in jackson saturday night. we hung out with some of his friends. & went to steak n shake. & i never want to go there again. our waitress sucked at everything. but i didn't care. he was there. beside me. with my hand in his. like forever.
we got home around three. it was tons of fun.
the rest of the week we did a lot of nothing & everything at the same time. like going grocery shopping. & to marshalls to check prices for stuff we'll need in our apartment. & going to target & trying on bunches of clothes just cus. & dancing in my kitchen. & me giving my all to play guitar. but i still sucked. & making a cake for my moms birthday. & cuddles. & i'm rick james bish! & kisses. && he left about an hour ago. & i miss him. i hatehatehate being away from him. he left his guitars here & i've been running to the window everytime a door shuts to see if it's him. but it never was. i wish he would have came back. i wanted one more hug.
ohoh! i got a job tuesday. at taco bell. i start tomorrow. so i can't hang with faye. but we can make other plans. &&! i'm getting up super early in the morning to go look at cars with my mom. i'm sosooso excited.
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