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today was a good day. richard got a job. his first try. lucky boy. it wasn't good at first, cus we thought we'd never get to see each other. but like always, we found our way through it. i have to wait one more day before i see him this weekend though. butbutbut! he gets to stay from saturday until sometime wednesday. yayay. i for serious can't wait. i miss him times forever.
ohoh! & some things have really been annoying me. like, kids that live for their 'scene'. it's fucking pathetic. why get so wound up in something that won't be a year from now? why not live for something WORTH living for? you won't have the scene forever. yeahyeah; 'live in the moment.' 'be a teenager while you can.' this is true. but some kids take it too far. they base their whole lives around this. maybe it's just me; but that's sosooso sad & almost makes me want to puke out my brains for days on end. & almost makes me not want to ever go to a show in a memphis. or any big city. or a show ever again. i thought 'hardcore' was about the music & being united & welcoming people that were 'different.' not douche bag 'crews' & giving people awkward stares the first time they come to a show. maybe i'm wrong.
& as for local bands; why give your money to something that'll fade with time? whywhywhy. i've heard a few locals from memphis. & if i wanted to listen to norma jean, i could just stay home.
kay. the end.
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