__pink__panther (__pink__panther) wrote,

ok had my last exam today!! yes. i am a free woman albeit for only a week before second semester starts. in the exam today there was some chick sitting next to me with a bag of jelly babies and some other hard candy to motivate during the exam and she kept making noises when she was eating things and getting them out of the bag. wtf? why don't you just take a whole Burger King Combo meal, a cheese cake and a pint of beer to wash it all down while you're at it. it's only a two hour exam bitch!. and i could totally smell the ciggarette smoke from the guy at the front,

oh well still wrote beautiful 14 pages!!

today i went to the library in town and got a whole lot of artbooks on Monet, and Kandinsky and Chagall!! ah so excited to get into painting again after all that stress!

will watch DVD's, will exercise, paint, will read, will be be great!
freedom at last.
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