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Hi all. I know you're all super busy but I would greatly appreciate a response to this. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. What animal do each of the people in the list below remind you of? If you had to pick an animal which represents a person in the list which animal would you pick? You dont have to explain why, you don't have to pick an animal for every person.

1. Hillary Clinton
2. Bill Clinton
3. Monica Lewinsky
4. George W Bush
5. Dick Cheney
6. Donald Rumsfield
7. Gondaleeza Rice
8. Osama Bin Laden
9. Sadam Hussein

If other political or non-political figures (not on the list) remind you of animals feel free to share! Thank you and a thousand kisses to you all.
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aargh! just watched an interview of Jennifer Aniston on TV, crap actress she plays the same person in every film and that person is herself.

it pisses me off how people admire others just for their appearance or their alleged beauty (not that I think JA is "beautiful" by any means). and i know this is going to be corny, but it feels so fake and shallow.

today, in the absence of any "real, talented" role models or religious deities, celebrity worship has become the norm, and i get so frustrated when people are idolised for anything but talent.

the most frustrating thing is that i have surrounded myself with people who are equally as shallow, people who i used to call my friends and now i just look at them and think - why buy a fake LV just so you can emulate a lifestyle and an image that you cannot afford, why buy $500 jeans when you're living off a student loan to look cool, why be a snob when you didnt even go to private school. in last few weeks i've really re-evaluated the way i look at the people i associate with, and have come to the conclusion that i have little if anything in common with them.
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ok had my last exam today!! yes. i am a free woman albeit for only a week before second semester starts. in the exam today there was some chick sitting next to me with a bag of jelly babies and some other hard candy to motivate during the exam and she kept making noises when she was eating things and getting them out of the bag. wtf? why don't you just take a whole Burger King Combo meal, a cheese cake and a pint of beer to wash it all down while you're at it. it's only a two hour exam bitch!. and i could totally smell the ciggarette smoke from the guy at the front,

oh well still wrote beautiful 14 pages!!

today i went to the library in town and got a whole lot of artbooks on Monet, and Kandinsky and Chagall!! ah so excited to get into painting again after all that stress!

will watch DVD's, will exercise, paint, will read, will be be great!
freedom at last.
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ok so i had my third mid year exam today. glad that's over. got another one on Thursday.
i hate exam time, i get bloodshot eyes, i don't sleep, i drink too much coffee, spend too much time online and put on too much weight eating shit.

i can't believe how motivated i used to be, i used to be Tracy Flick from Election, and now i'm so apathetic it's disgusting. it's like i couldn't care less. before i could screw myself twice if i got anything below a B, A+ was the norm, and now i am so sick of studying i just want to pass and finish this year. next sememster - more classes, more essays, more clique friends at uni, and more "what did you get for that assignment. oh a B+, oh I got an A+" comments from the freaks. aaaargh, i could seriously scream.

ok, after Thursday, i am resuming my hard core, take no prisoners, eat no crap, study like hell and write 1 page per day regime. from Thursday, after my last exam, i am GI Jane, on a mission, to get back on track, back to the perfectionist that i know is deep down inside of me.

PS: i saw James put on lip balm today in the library, aargh metrosexuals annoy the crap out of me.