To Livejournal

Wow livejournal, its been so long. Where do I start? nowhere I guess, Looks like almost everyone left you just like I did, moved on to newer and better things. Im back in town but I dont think Ill come back to you.
Thanks for the times,

In a hurry to nowhere

So here I am in sunny san rafael, although I cant find pearly sweetcake, the myths about this place are so very true: 6 hours after arriving here and I found a pot plant, wow what a town.

-I have a apartment to my self for the rest of the month, to bad I only know like 2 people.

-My first grayhound experience was stereo-typical: I was crushed into the window by the girth of a fat russian man who liked to use my shoulder as a pillow.

Whats next?
I dont really know, I think I might go work at Fort Awesome.

untill next time I find a computer...

-PapaPropa(AKA knuckles?)


The horizen is huge and I have all the time in the world.

Today im going to wait around the train station.
Not to hop a train.
But to catch the bus to SanFran.
(so much for that squaw)


Real Gone

So Here I am in La Conner. Not much to say about it.
-I made enemys with a cow(which I now have considerable respect for).
-I swear this is the best sleep Ive had in my life.

Ganda & Eli: please leave your mailing address.

I have to go trolling for booty now,I'll try to find myself a nice squaw.

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hard time killin floor

Yawl nowhere to find me...
Calling wont do no good.

But thats prolly a bad thang, as evidenced by tonight. No worries though, hookah bars are a cool principle but there shit tastes like it came straight out of a lab and I know thats not what the Turks be smokin'.

I hacked, it was cool. I was the god of the circle(not hard when everyone else is trippin out on psychedelics), but then this guy came out of left field crampin my style with his bright blonde curly fro, clothes that went out of style decades ago and even special hacky shoes.Yeah that look gives mad hack skill but at what cost, think of your DIGNITY, man. It was on. It will be on again. and next time, I will be ready.
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Why I love, Cubano cigars

-Cuban cigars are considered the grand master of cigars and are known for there rich smooth smoke.
-created in optimal environment.
-Because of U.S sanctions Cuba is unable to buy the chemicals of modern agriculture making Cuban tobacco residue free.
-Tobacco obtains much of its taste through the soil, it is very common to add honey or spices.
-Smoking them is a big FUCK YOU to the man.

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There was a drugstore sign on Broadway the read "12 pcs of coke $450". How fitting.
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