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Writer's Block: Do-over!

If you were given a life do-over card, would you keep it or give it to a friend? If you kept it, would you prefer to be born to the same or different parents? Would you want to keep your memories?
I would give it to my ex-boyfriend, Jason. If he had a do-over, then maybe he would not have died of a heroin overdose. Or, maybe he would have used that card on the first night he ever tried heroin.


so far, i'm loving it! vacation started sat morning when we flew from philadelphia to san juan, puerto rico. stayed at the caribe hilton for a night and ate an amazing dinner at a restaurant in old san juan. it was called barrachina i think. soooo good :)

sunday afternoon we took a cab to the port to aboard royal caribbean's adventure of the seas. check-in was a complete and total mess. that night, carl and i got a great couples' massage and also spent an hour in the rasul room. very, very relaxing. just what i needed.

monday we were at sea. carl and i got into this ridiculous fight in the afternoon but everything was better by the evening. we went to a mystery dinner theater on the ship that started in the skybar then we went to the portofino, an italian restaurant. the acting was mediocre, but the night was fun anyway.

today, we are in oranjestad, aruba. i looooove this place. we've had a blast here. honestly, i didn't think i would like aruba since the whole natalie holloway disappearance thing really made me think this was a dangerous place, but it's not.

this morning, we did a kayak and snorkeling tour which i looooved. i was surprised, considering i am not a fan of snorkeling. i had a great time, though, even though i did have a minor panic attack around some fire coral. then we went back to the ship to shower. went to lunch in oranjestad. the place sounded caribbean but the menu was completely american, which i thought was a let down. then we went on a 2-hour bus tour of the island and just got back. the tour was so much fun! we were on this converted mass-transit style bus with no windows and painted crazy colors like a party bus that blasted spanish hip-hop, non stop.

we also learned a lot of history about this island. for example, we were kayaking and snorkeling in the spanish lagoon, which is called that because spanish pirates used to hang out there while on their way to rob aruba of all it's gold. then, the dutch saved the day by warding off the pirates, and to this day, aruba still has to answer to holland. aruba does have it's own prime minister and government, but they still have to run everything by the queen. interesting. also, all the school students have to learn 4 languages: dutch (official), papiamentos (dialect language that is a combination of dutch, spanish, english, french, african, german, and portuguese), english and spanish. aruba was discovered by spanish explorers in 1492, although native indians from venezulas were already living here when it was discovered.

i am definitely coming back to aruba some day! on the island tour, we went to this beautiful catholic chapel that is like 300 years old and carl suggested that we get married there! i took toooons of pictures, so i will post those on facebook when i get home.

also, grades were due yesterday and i just checked: 2 Bs and 2 B+s, which means a 3.15 for my first semester at penn! a pretty good start, but i know can do better.

from august 27: last night i got gas for $2.85! i was shell-shocked. i was near exxon and their gas was $2.91. i was like hmmmm maybe i should go there; there's no way wawa will be any cheaper. and low and behold, wawa was. i'm so happy that gas prices are going down. the most i paid was like $3.15 but a lot of places were up to $3.24. what does everyone else pay for gas??

unbelievable. sunday i got gas for $2.21 and i was mad because another gas station had it for $2.15. lol so funny. i almost can't believe i was spending that much money on gas. a fill up used to cost $25. now it's $18. that's an extra $8 a week! and an extra $32 a month!

May. 8th, 2005


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