July 27th, 2009

joemilla is over; twitter loses their collective shit.

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The Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle have reportedly split. They began dating late last year. There had been speculation about their relationship status after Camilla was seen with tennis player Ferando Verdasco in his luxury Box at the Paribas Open in California. According to sources Verdasco’s girlfriend was there however he left later [...]

his twitter and the insider

The reaction has been disgusting, TBH. It could've been a mutual split, but everyone is hating is hating on her just because she seemed cold and ~didn't love him like she should've~ (hello, there is a difference between public and private, and I don't blame her for keeping that line considering she has to deal with his batshit fans too). Just because she's the girlfriend, she gets the hate. Can we make #teamcamilla a trending topic?

Oh and Maria approves:
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Now they can reunite and she can win the US Open.