__overrateme (__overrateme) wrote,

happy christmas ;)

i am so sad, on the computer on christmas day.
general uploading of cd's though.
i got 8 haha;
amy winehouse,
live louunggggeee !
john legend,
the killers,
the holloways,
and ramoneeeess.

i also got;
curling tonggsss,
like 3 scarves,
make up,
this thing i cant describe to hang necklaces and shiz off,
erm, jewellery,
cow print hot water bottle ;)
general hair shiz.. clips and products and stuff,
erm, other random crap,

charlie and i got a chocolate fountain !! woooo.

oh and ! a digital radio.
but i havent opened it yet cuz its from my grandparents and theyre coming for dinner, so i dont actually KNOW its one but it actually is cuz it just is lol.
trying to think what else i got..

a bag.. pyjamas.. general christmas pants haha yesss.
oh yeh! perfume ;) and amy! it's a bigger bottle this time so it wont run out so quickly so you can steal it more if you wish. aha.
yay !

swear it doesnt feel like christmas tho lol.

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