January 28th, 2007


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general lack of postage.

i've had two really weird dreams in the past two nights.

1. laura died?! i dont know how but then we were at school like crying and ms londsale made this like grave type thing next to the p.e. cupboard :/ and then pippa died too?!!? it was so weird and so horrible :(

2. we were somewhere, sat at a table with rob and pennie de le automatic and there was a radio and pennie turned it on and it was like a part of recover and i was liek ah i love this song. and then the song ended and the dj said something about "the screamy guy" and pennie was like oh how embarrassing. lol.

yesterday i saw richard :)
and we saw happy feet but i didnt catch much of the end lol for obvious reasons AND, AMY WEBER, NOT THAT REASON.
but yeah, he is lovely :) and i'm well happy and shiz so yeah. he's fit.

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