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Welcome to __orionlady, a journal seeping the introspective, nostalgic and increasingly flamable ramblings of a quirky and closed-off twenty year old male; with an occasional icon/graphics post here or there too. As you can probably see, personal and non-icon posts are friends only. If for some unlikely reason you happen to enjoy my icons and/or respect my profile, drop a comment here requesting friendship (:

Orion Of Wallpapers #1

Hey guys,

The last few days i've had PSE2 out and i've been whipping up some wallpapers, rather than icons. Partly because I downloaded a heap of magnificent floral designs from papersweet.fan-arts.net, that are wayy too big to fit inside the confines of 100x100px.

I'm also re-obsessed with SWC atm, purely because i've done a rough scour of the net and have not picked up one bad thing about her! <3

Anyway, i'm really happy with #1, #2 is crap, but I did the stand myself which was a *proud* moment, and i'm also happy with #3. I've also done a Kate Beckinsale one because the pic is utterly fantastic and had to have something done to it!

I'm not cross posting these anywhere because it will take too long (probably have to join 5 or 6 comms lol), so you guys get these all to yourselves. Spread the word if you will..:)









Ughh, work on Monday! :/

Orion of [Martine] Icons #4

So yesh, I made these at the start of the year. I was watching Season 4 of Spooks (which she guest stars in), and quickly realised that she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen (and particularly in the Spooks eps). So I did as any good person would do, and iconed her :D

[9] Martine McCutcheon
[1] Dido

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