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it wasn't gravity.. [entries|friends|calendar]
..it was the witches

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not so much sewing party [Thursday July 19th 2007]

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brought some stuff over to mandy and amy's house to sew, but never really got to that. we cut up a bunch of fruit and soaked it in some liquor and ate that. twas delicious. toby came by for a while as well! amy, whitney, and i ran across the street when the parking garage opened and made our way to the top of that building (is it called the nimbus building or does it have a better name?) again. it is nice up there. kari said she could hear us from the doorstep, even as we whispered. at the very top of the stairs there is a door which is nearly always open. we almost went through it this time. good thing we didn't, 'cause i guess that's the nimbus' kitchen. fell asleep at the house after eating some pizza. the rats in the living room (pets!) make so much goddamn noise in the wee hours of the night.. no wonder mandy put 'em out there! ahahh still love that place though and the rats are cuties.
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