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Raphael Lovegood.

Yes indeed!

Raphael Lovegood
23 December
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Well, I like Esther and pretty Ravenclaws and crack and different types of tomato soup. But I'm a vegetarian, so keep that bacon to yourself.

It's not chasing me, is it?


Well, I'm Raphael Lovegood. Spiffing meeting you.

[I don't own Raphael Lovegood. I hope you didn't think I did. JKR owns him, though maybe not his first name, and all situations and enviroments - everything. Vincent Kartheiser owns himself. No really. Ask him.]
agatha but shh!, esther, getting high with esther, muggle bicycles, mushrooms, mushrooms (again), not alcohol really, smoking (some) dope, tali x, tomato cream soup, transfiguring people's hair, vegetarian food