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__oceanxavenue's Journal

1 November
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♥ Melina ♥

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♥ brunette
♥ crazy
♥ fun
♥ push-up bras
♥ country music
♥ hard x core
♥ tanlines
♥ surfer
♥ beach
♥ muddin
♥ alcohol
♥ cigarettes
♥ 99 apples
♥ make-up
♥ lipgloss
♥ mini skirts
♥ smoothies
♥ ripped jeans
♥ pink & teal
♥ hawaii
♥ dancing
♥ flip flops

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♥ Hidden in Plainview
♥ Hawthorne Heights
♥ Norma Jean
♥ Atreyu
♥ Fallout Boy
♥ Bright Eyes
♥ The Used
♥ My Chemical Romance
♥ Underoath
♥ Brand New
♥ Yellowcard
♥ Sublime
♥ Everytime I die
♥ Bleed the Dream
♥ Blood Brothers
♥ The Bled
♥ A Change of Pace
♥ Amoretti
♥ Tim Mcgraw
♥ Garth Brooks
♥ Brad Paisley
♥ Alan Jackson
♥ Gretchen Wilson
♥ Brooks & Dunn

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♥ White Castle
♥ The Notebook
♥ Mean Girls
♥ Jurassic Park
♥ The Ring
♥ Sweet Home Alabama
♥ 10 things I hate About you
♥ Happy Gilmore
♥ DodgeBall
♥ Napoleon Dynamite

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Tv Shows
♥ The O.C
♥ Summerland
♥ The Real World
♥ Sweet Sixteen
♥ Csi:Miami

blue lights flashing in my rearview,
the sheriff said, boy, i should have known it was you..
you got 14 people in the back of this truck,
i've warned you twice now i'm writing you up,
i said Officer, what have i done?
he smiled and said, boy, you're having too much fun..

too much fun.. whats that mean?..
its like too much money, theres no such thing,..
it's like a girl too pretty, with too much class..
being too lucky, a car too fast..
no matter what they say I've done..
i ain't never had too much fun..

it's a good night..
To be out there soaking up the moonlight..
Stake out a little piece of shoreline..
I've got the perfect place in mind..
It's in the middle of nowhere..
Only one way to get there..
You gotta get a little mud on the tires..

this is one hot bitch. =)
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I ♥ Hot Boys That Kiss

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