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today was rad. =)
i loooooved my new outfit,
and so did everyone else. =)
school on the other hand is retarded.
registration for classes is tomorrow.
cheer tryouts are in less then a month.
annies party is in a month.
tatianas quincenera is in june.
jaimes party is at the end of may.
too much going on. bluuuh.
plus projects up the ass.
im excited,
me and annie are going to see
amityville house? or soemthing of the sort on friday.
shes rad. =)
im getting my dress this weekend. exciting.
and the beach on sunday. =)
next weekend, spending the night at ash's.
and somewhere all in the middle,
hanging out with the lovely mk. =)
annnnd. monday is student venture.
which is totally cool. =) nicole is coming with me =)
have you noticed im a lot happier these days,
Jesus has an amazing affect on your life.
turning myself around has been awesome,
and thanks for everyone that prayed for me,
and was there to help me through. you rock.
God is Awesome.
and some people are really immature,
what are we 5 here?
do you not know how to say your name?
you crack me up,
how your world revolves around me.
i'll pray for you. =)

anyways. im out. tired. from flag football.
we won. =) game tomorrow at freedom.
last game of the season.
rob you better be there. =)

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sooo ive been quite busy lately.
thursday i had a game,
friday i went to relay for life,
i saw everybody and their moms,
it was packed and lots of fun.
chilled with my tchs crew.
i absolutely love,
taylor, mike, katie,
lauren, lauren, chay,
timmy, sean, matt,
and pizza.
they are rad.
today i got up super early.
went garage saling with my madre,
i got to drive all around,
it was fun,
then we went to the mall with my bro.
i got to drive again =)
i love driving.
went to hollister
got a jean jacket, a pair of ripped jeans,
and a tank.
it was like 150.00$ lol.
my brother paid.
fuck, im beginning to hate that store,
they make it impossible tos teal now,
every single one of their clothes,
have that gay magnetic clip.
so we went to papaya,
stole a bracelet,
went to american eagle,
stole a necklace,
stole earrings from the body shop,
and from wetseal,
stole 2 anklets from the surf place,
stole a pair of earrings from spencers,
stole 2 shirts from wetseal.
i am a klepto i swear.
i am addicted to shop lifting
and thats bad.
but i got a lot of really cool jewlery
and a 12$ necklace i wanted from ae.
i stole like 50-60$ worth of stuff.
=O. ahhhhhhhhhh.
i feel like megan.
tomorrow im going to the beach
and then my grandrents house
and getting cash,
finally, then i wont have to steal.
later homies.


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today i went to the mall,
with my eldest brother =)
(the abercrombie model)
my oter brother was sleeping all day from partying last night.
all the girls kept giving me dirty looks,
cuz they thought i was his girlfriend!!
hahaha. no no, just his sister.
uHh we went to bundles of stores,
i got hit on my this guy at abercrombie,
got a new bra at dilliards..
thats prety much it,
ate chinese for lunch,
came home,
and now im chilling.
its my dads bday, bluhhh.
like i care.
were going to ryans tonite.
later, im going to do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.

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south carolina was fucking amazing. =)
i enjoyed it. it was good to have a break.
i figured out what i'm going to do with my life.
lj has sooo much god damn drama.
i didnt even read any of jessicas or kaytes comments.
i just read grants, kaysi's, and candices,
and i'd have to say, i <3 them the mooooost, they are rad.

and jessica just bcuz you say shit in your journal,
and post a picture,
doesn't make you the shit, and it doesn't even phase me.
Hhhm.. so i've done stuff. yay the end.
at least when i say i'll quit doing things,
i actually follow thru. =)
and your riiight, i did follow trends or whatever you want to say,
but at least now i've found myself,
and i've found out who my true friends really are,
and who's fake and will use you,
until you can't give them what they want,
or you piss them off and they turn their backs,
or people who ignore you for months,yeh real good friends. =)
im just glad that we got that all in the open,
and that were not friends anymore,
cuz i can honestly say,
i am better off without you dragging me down.
and don't say you never followed trends,
or was trendy jessica, or did something to fit in,
bcuz that would be a damn lie, EVERYONES done it.
and don't think your hot shit bcuz you listen to
hardcore music, or because your scene, and you put on an act,
and your completely bipolar and a bitch all the time.
you try to hurt people. but hahaha, you didn't even touch me,
bcuz im above you, and i don't have to sit here anymore,
and call you a skank, slut, cunt, whore, blah blah blah.
cuz thats immature, like you, who run your mouth all the time,
and trys to start drama, you can't get to me,
your not hot shit. your dumb, and immature.
which is why i didn't even read your posts, just deleted them.
your not worth my time.
run your mouth, do whatever you want, i don't care,
you just look like the immature one.

i looooooooooove how people talk shit as soon as i leave tho.
its rad. =)
hahahah. talk it up, i really don't care anymore.

i love,
kaysi, grant, candice, jessica burnside,
ashly, arien, megan, lizzie, sean l,
sean t, petey, jaime, anthony,
kayleigh, sara, mk, em, diana, megan w,
katie c, katie ch, you guys are
the best, true friends ever.

anyyyways. SC was amazing,
the marines is amazing,
the discipline, honor, courage,
and commitment all those men have.
it blows your mind, it really does,
just the look they have now,
shows they have made a difference.
and that is really something,
and it finally hit me,
that it doesn't matter what people say about you,
it doesn't matter what you've done in the past,
it matters what you work through, and what you commit to,
and what you accomplish in the future,
life is a journey, your supposed to make mistakes,
as long as you look at them, and change for the better,
and i'm at the point right now,
where theres a few roads i could go,
and its up to me to decide which one to take from here,
and i've decided, no more drinking, or drugs,
bcuz honestly they are dumb, you think they take away what your going thru,
but once your sober its right back to where you were.
theres no point to it. seriously.
no more sex until i'm in a serious relationship,
that goes without saying, cuz the times b4 it wasnt really enjoyed,
i didn't enjoy it every single time, i didnt want to do it everytime,
some of the times i just thought i had to, that it was what
was supposed to happen, i didn't want to disappoint anybody,
i wanted to fit in. but now i really don't care if i fit in,
i'd rather go places with my life, and have respect for my self,
and have people have respect for me.
it will be a big change, but i am ready to make that big change.
before i would play around with it, say i would do it,
but i've neevr had a reason to do it, it was just because that was the right thing, blah blah blah.
but now i have something i want to work for,
somewhere i want to go, and i know i can't get there going down the road i am going, so i changed my path, and i am getting rid of the distractions,
it doesn't mean i won't go to parties, when i get my car,
ill be designated driver, ill drink soda or energy drinks,
while everyone else gets drunk and stupid, like i used to get,
i'd have to admit, i do like the taste of alcohol, and that it was becoming
a problem, bcuz i was drinking more than once a week, i was drinking mabey 3 times a week, which is a bad way to keep going, cuz then you become an alcoholic, these past 3 days, i've finally got some sense knocked into me,
being away from all my friends and other influences,
and seeing what you can accomplish,
makes me want to be better and change,
so i am. and this time its for good.

my last post in this lj. i might make a new one,
if your one of my true friends, ill add you,
ive already deleted people off my friends list,
i don't want to read their ljs, its a waste of time.

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so we won our game today.
the end.
coach is a cunt.
he can suck my right nut.

im leaving for south carolina in an hour
which is really exciting,
no school for the rest of the week.

hMm. we got registration forms today,
im taking, ap lit/comp, pre-ap chem,
ap american history, pre calc, creative photo 1,
aerobics, and humanties. yay the end.
school is gonna be hard next year,
buuut i want to get into berkeley,
soo i need good grades,
and its worth it,
the sooner i get accepted the sooner i get out of here.

i have a loooooot of fair weather friends,
which is reallllly exciting.
and i really could care lessss,
because they backstab people all the time,
so w.e =)
i quit all drugs, and most alcohol.
once this pack is done, im done with smoking too.
im getting my life straightened out,
i dont want to be in high school the rest of my life. =)
mm. also im not scared, sooo i pretty much laughed at that.
im glad i found out who my real friends were. =) =) =)

haha, livejournal is dummmmmb.
im bored with it,
so when i get back from south carolina,
no more lj. =)
im excited, bcuz its allll bs anyways,
annnnd people can just find out what i did by talking to me.
im thru with the drama.
everyyyyones loves drama, thats why they get ljs =)
and thats exactly why im done with mine.
i have better things to do,
i dont need to sit on here 24/7 like some people.

exciting, 37 days elft of school,
and then im a junior =)
and i get my jeep at the end of may.
and my license April 28th.


Good-Bye Live Journal.


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im excited,
i leave for south carolina tomorrow night,
no school for 3 days,
mannnn i feel like kayte.
good news,
they unblocked lj at school.
but anyways, im going to see my brother
graduate from the military, yay,
and get to sleep in hotels,
and stop at a whole buncha cool shops on the drive up there,
annnnnd i get to drive some of the way, how exciting right!
flag football game tonite,
and tomorrow night,
its at winter park tonite,
and at home tomorrow night,
so freaking come tomorrow night,
bcuz u wont see me till next monday.
Uhhh. life is pretty gay right now,
kinda boring.
i need cash, i need a job, i need a boyfriend.
same old shiiiit,
uHhhh.. i need my shirt back from brandi,
who is going to give me money for it,
if i don't get it back soon,
seriously, cuz im tierd of wearing my dark blue one,
i cant wear half my shirts, cuz they are all off the shoulder,
and the only tank that i can wear under them that looks good is white,
so fucking give it back,
or go get it from kayte or something,
youve had it for like 2 freaking months, since andrews party.

i found something out that pissed me off last nite,
i don't know why it did,
or why its still bothering me, and i can't stop thinking about it.
i was over him.. but that juuust urgggh,
i dont know. mabey im noooot? bluh.
but seriously i do need a boyfriend,
cuz im tierd of being single,
its fun, but at the same time not.
and i quit all drugs, and liquor for the most,
except like once or twice a month.
i still smoke tho, i really need to kick that.

anyways im out,
tomorrow will be my last update for a while,
cyaaaa later kids,
come visit me before i leave.
if you do ill get you something rad from SC?


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soOo. last nite.
i chilled with jaime
and we did our thing,
hung out and were girls.
i'm tierd of giving everyone
every little detail about the night,
so, it can leave a lot to the imagination.
buuut we got home at 3..
and we were bored,
and we were reading Paris Hilton's book,
and it had all these ways to become a heirass
and shiit,
funny, i'd have to say, but rad at the same time,
so we decided to make our own list,
however, its not finished yet so bear with us.

Jai & Corona's Guide to Becoming a Heirass:
or at least feeling like one.

1. always have a good bronzer:
no matter the cost,
its better to have a nice glow,
then look orange.

2. don't say too much in a conversation:
it leaves people wanting more, and makes
you seem like you are interesting, and
hold many secrets.

3. Don't Drunk Dial:
its tacky, and it leaves you
wishing you hadn't said the things
you did. basically it equals regret,
and brings up old dirt, the past is the past,
thats why they call it that.

4. Never approach a guy or send
one of your friends to do it
the guy should always approach the girl,
you don't want to look desperate,
plus, it gives you a sense of mystery.

5. Don't be a Trendy:
Find yourself. Don't follow the trends
to "be cool or fit in" life isn't about fitting in,
its about sticking out,
if your in an army of trendies,
how are you ever gonna get noticed, and defer from them,
you can't, either your a prep, a skater, a jock, a scene kid,
your not you. Be outrageous, be crazy, be unique.

6. do the unexpected:
don't fit the trend, do something wild,
that no one would think you would do,
but don't look pathetic, like your trying to hard,
but make a scene.

7. pink and black is so tired:
worn out, trended out. stop wearing it,
that was so 2002. its dead.

8. always make your hair look cute:
no matter how much extra time in the morning it takes,
do something nice with you hair it will pay off,
since the first thing people look at is the face and the hair,
and then the outfit. Never go out with frumpy hair,
its ugly.

9. Drink Diet Pepsi:
added calories are in regular cola,
who wants to drink on 3 extra pounds a week?
not me.

10. Don't talk about what you do with your boyfriends/
or that you constantly have to work out
its boring, and it leads people to spread rumors about you,
that aren't true. There are many gossips out there,
feed them only what you want them to know. a lady never
reveals too much. Secrets are ment to be kept. plus it
leaves people guessing, and nobody/guy really wants to
know how long you have to work out for, make people think
you don't have to work for what you got.

11. either eye make-up or lip color:
this is not 1975, we cant do the big hair,
dark black made up eyes and bright red lipstick,
its tacky and just looks bad. Either do dramatic
eye make-up, or wear lip color with more subtle
ever make-up, were not auditioning for the circus here.

12. black is boring and overrated:
black is tired. It's worn out, its boring
and plain. WEar colors for noticeability.
You want people to see that your there,
Black is depressing, nobody wants to be around
a depressed person 24/7.

13. Get a Real Tan:
don't try to tan from a bottle,
you want people to think your life is easy,
chilling at the beach all day, partying all night,
and you want that bronze glow to prove it.
Either Tan outdoors, which gets you the darkest,
tanning bed, or mystic tan. orange is not the
color of the season.

14. Order the Large Fries:
when you go out splurge on food,
the fattier/the greasier the better.
order the large instead of the small,
it will leave you full, and not wanting more.
plus it just tastes better with more.
plus all the partying at night,
burns the extra calories.

15. don't talk about money:
the last thing people want to hear is money drama.
Or money in general, thats left to parents,
lawyers, accountant etc. Forget the money,
live the life.

16. DOn't smoke infront of tons of people:
smoking isn't cool, but we do it. Don't try to seem
cool by doing it infront of all your friends.
and don't try to smoke, in fashionable ways,
thats just annoying.
smoking doesn't make you look good,
you make smoking look good.
nothings hotter than a hot girl smoking,
might even make you want to get a fag yourself.
the way to being a hierass is to know you're cool,
so you never have to prove yourself.

17. Surround yourself with a dozen roses,
don't become a rose surrounded by weeds
pretty self explanatory. Guys like to see 20 hot girls walk in,
rather than 1, surrounded by cute girls. get the picture?
surround yourself with pretty people, and a large pose,
it makes you look good.

18. Drink Energy Drinks at parties instead of liquor:
you'll be able to stay up longer when people are passing out,
plus you'll get to be awake and be able to watch everyone's
crazy behavior and laugh at them, plus not make a fool of
yourself, and do something you'll regret, and you won't
get the bad hangover in the morning, and no puking.
but every once in a while, you can tip the bottle back. ;)

19. Expose your stomach, instead of your boobs:
most girls think guys like asses and boobs,
but really, a lot of guys think legs and stomachs are
wayyy hott. so show them off, if you've got a hot
body flaunt it, let everyone be jealous.

20. Act like your incharge:
if you act like you are, people will treat you
like you are, if u are easily swayed and follow
everyone else's lead, your gonna get walked all over.

21. Test your friends:
try out a really great outfit, and a not so hot one
infront of your friend, ask her which one looks best.
if she says the not so hot one, you know she was jealous
of the way you looked in the first outfit, and didn't
want you to outshine her, therefor, shes insecure,
annd will most likely lie in other areas, which entitles,
not a true friend, but if she picks out the outfit that
looks great on you, you know she's a friend, cuz she wants
you to look banging.

theres more to come, but these were the best ones,
haha, we don't follow all of these,
but mabey we shud? haha. just so you know,
we were really bored.