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a smile that's a bomb
epicurean thoughts V7
I should remind myself to actually listen 
Monday, 14-06-2010 1:24 aM
WTF, TV Shows, Shite.
Listen to myself, that is.

You know my stand to not really join in the SPN fandom? It's almost broken. At first I was just looking at the pretty (picspams :3), then it moved to icons, then fanfics and then episode reviews, meta and finally, the nail on top of the coffin, reading comments.


So what have I learned? I learned that what Fandom Wank has taught me. It's all true. Fandom Wank should act like a warning sign for people entering fandoms. Newbies should visit, search their new fandom up and see if the fandom is (mostly) insane. And if the fandom turns out to be wankier than most. Well, let's just say you've been warned.

You know how some fandoms can suck you in and then chew you out? SPN is like that and I've only been dabbling for a week. A week. (Appropriate!Icon is appropriate)

I think I should wean myself off the SPN fandom. Thank goodness for school (I can't believe I actually said that) because I would have less time to kill while on the net. It will be like the time I weaned myself off ONTD. It might have been difficult, but after a while I didn't miss it anymore and I felt a whole lot better.

I missed you wrestling!fandom (yeah for week :p, and the only real reason why I drifted away was because Christian was basically treading on still, dead water that is the Hornswoggle debacle -- basically nothing of import happened). Because, in the wrestling boards, when there is wank it's a different kind, usually it's the men who get themselves in a tizzy over a predetermined sport. It's different.

And those were my thoughts on yaoi.
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