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a smile that's a bomb
epicurean thoughts V7
Thursday, 14-04-2011 2:14 pM - Well, it's officially the last day of vacation
Wrestling, Basketball, WWE
*sad face*

I feel bad because it is the last day of vacation and I haven't done anything spectacularly productive. I was planning on working on the thesis but that went down the drain (darn you laziness and procrastination). I'll go ahead and start reading up on it today though.

Haha, better almost late than never.

I do have a gaming goal though. To finish Bookworm Adventures today before I leave for the dorm (I unbelievably and somewhat understandably do not have any games on my laptop, apart from the usual Microsoft Games.)

Another thing that I'll miss would be fandom and actually having time to improve on my graphics skills (on that note, I have an idea for a graphic, I wonder if it would pan out -- Holy crap, when would I have the time to make the graphic, read up on the thesis and finish Bookworm Adventures?)

Yes, vacationing, I'm doing it wrong :p

Plus my first day would be on the 16th, which would make it on the 15th in US time and that would be the night when Supernatural starts again and when the heartbreaking Smackdown would air D:

Smackdown Spoilers and Edge VideoCollapse )

But then of course, Supernatural comes up with the TV Guide photoshoot and it's all sunshine and rainbows and DJ-ing and champagne but in WWE world, it's not ;-;

Well I'm off to actually try and do the stuff I've listed down. I'll probably try and update on my schedule once I get it tomorrow. I'll see if I actually have time to make an official hiatus post :P.

Til' then...
Tuesday, 12-04-2011 2:14 pM - What is happening?
Wrestling, Basketball, WWE
I am feeling all these feelings now. From utter jubilation from the Supernatural TV Guide photoshoot to this:

Edge Retiring.

Here's the video guys.

It can be kayfabe but I really really doubt it though. If it is, then WWE is a dick. Simple enough.

But man, Edge and Christian are the two main reasons why I've watched wrestling. Even before the internet became big, I was already a fan of the Brood and their antics. I was this little 9 year old cheering for the three blond pseudo-vampires. Then when they became E&C and the tag team boom came along, I was there, watching and actually taking down notes as to who won each match.

I was a smark even before I entered the inter-world.

It just seems like the end of an era. Most of the wrestlers from the Attitude era (my favorite, hands down) have now either left, retired or working on lighter schedules.

This tweet from Christian really brought it home though:

I've shed my tears..And from here on out I choose 2celebrate 1 of the greatest careers in WWE history..Cant wait2 induct u in the HOF #Edge
4 minutes ago via Tweetings

These two guys... these two ;-;

Literature, Power, Tragedy, Books, love

Guys, I have to remind myself that this is not Tumblr and that I actually have to have some substance with LJ posts and I can't reduce myself to sheer unadulterated squee.

And of course, my internet decided to crap on me right at this moment. INTERNET, why are you harshing on my squee?

I'm just going to try and finish Chapter 10 of Book 5 in Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2 (it's cool ok? XD), text my classmates and then run to my nephew's place so that I can leech of their internet and SQUEE from there.

Source: threeholepuncher.tumblr.com

Because THIS guys? THIS is what cracky dreams are made of. Sure the fandom can be wanky, sure we're all crazy but the fandom gods have blessed this fandom. And we are all so happy for it :D

ETA: My music because it is relevant to the GIF posted :D
Tuesday, 12-04-2011 2:23 aM - I'm a paranoid parrot
Literature, Power, Tragedy, Books, love
So I spent the last few hours trying to brush up on my computer graphics skillz. It's been a while since I've willingly opened up Photoshop for fannish-related things :3 and it does feel good to finally get back in the fray, as they say :p

Since I'm "old" and stuff, I've went through all those graphics fads. From over-used brushes, obnoxious blinking boxes, pixel!types, 'creative' cropping, the works. Now the "in" thing are textures + selective coloring.


I really do like the emphasis on selective coloring. It makes usually dreary caps so much brighter *-* and that's a needed especially with Supernatural caps :p. I still have to brush up on texture-usage though, so that the texture doesn't look pasted on.

I am now trying to post my work on Tumblr and the tags aren't working. Dude, really? D:

And now, it works...

Anyway, just a little ramble that shall explain why I even placed that subject line up there. I have a confession to make. I feel like whenever I join a fandom (and by join, I don't mean just actively lurking, but actually trying and spreading out/contributing) I feel like I'm a death knoll. That after a while that fandom would gradually but surely wither away and die.

Yeah, as said, I am a paranoid parrot.

It's the same thing with sports teams though. Most of the teams a root for eventually lose. But I can explain that one away, I am a sucker for underdogs so my sports teams losing a few games here and there does not mind me as much. (And when they finally win the big one? MUCH REJOICING will commence.) Please note that I said when not if.

But yeah, I know that people's attention do shift and people do flit in and out of fandoms. I'm not immune to that, I still <3 all of my fandoms, but I will not refute the fact that right now most of my internet time is spent trolling the SPN fandom with wrestling mixed in (I simply do not have the time to check sports-fandom, anime-fandom, etc. And sadly, some of them are not as active as they used to be). But I sometimes have that paranoid feeling that in the end it would just be lil' ol' me waving the fandom flag >: while everyone else has moved on.

Apparently I have separation issues :p

And that abruptly brings me to another topic. I really have to work on some school work now D:. I have to fix our thesis, update my thesis groupmates and order some stuff for junior internship to my classmate. I'll do them tomorrow later.

I only have 3 full days left. Oh gods, prepare for an increased amount of whining as these days pass by. You guys have been sufficiently warned.
Monday, 11-04-2011 2:43 aM - Enrollment + Meta + GIP
Literature, Power, Tragedy, Books, love
I've been trying to express the inherent differences between Tumblr and LJ and there's a nice discussion I've found *HERE* on it. Sure, the focus is on the graphics/icons community but it does ring true.

Plus the graphics/icons community is probably the hardest hit with Tumblr. The fiction community is still doing well because of the archiving pluses and because, first and foremost, the LJ client is for text-based posts.

And another thing that one of the posters there pointed out. Tumblr is basically for sharing. There are no friends-only, no private posts and while there can be downsides to that (that I've seen some Tumblr only users realize now), it can be so much easier to be part of the fandom. Because, I admit it, I lurk... but in Tumblr is so much easier to show your appreciation by just clicking the "<3" button. Some have pointed out that it's lazy and it is so much easier than writing a full concrit but nowadays it about instant gratification. I know it's bad, and as an oldie I feel like waving my cane at them youngin's while saying stuff like "When I was a kid, Pluto used to be a planet. And we used to pick lint off mice balls. The computer mice." but that's just how it is.

Now I'm not saying that one website is better than the other, but there are noticeable differences between the two and I hate to think that one site would eventually wither off (like what some people are saying with LJ) as opposed to both sites just flourishing in their own respective ways. I like my Tumblr and LJ :D

Abrupt subject change, COMMENCE:

So while I was meta-ing, I was actually also making graphics. Like this new shiny icon I have here:

But in the midst of it all, I was also keeping track of JIB-con happenings and the Jensen/Misha panel. HOMG.

My brain broke guys. It really did. I was going to add more to this meta post, but it is now leaking out of my ears.


That is all.

And now I deleted the wrong icon to take the place of my new icon. Yeah. My brain is dead guys, and I still have to wake up early tomorrow for enrollment. I don't know how I can survive.
Sunday, 10-04-2011 12:26 aM - TMI post
Wrestling, Basketball, WWE
I feel free and productive :D. I finally got my hair chopped off (breeze, in my neck!) and finally cut my nails (breeze in my nails? O:) and I went out with my dad for a nice father-daughter shopping extravaganza for my mom and for the start of junior internship.

I got myself white shoes (required for the uniform) and a fanny pack belt bag. Yes, even if I changed the name it is still a fashion faux pas and I don't care XD.

I am fashionable~

In fandom-related news:

Supernatural: Jus In Bello Con is currently on going :D. I'm just sitting here waiting for Tumblr to provide me updates through the twitter hash tag *HERE*.

Cons in the Supernatural fandom is interesting in a way that it's unlike the usual anime cons I usually attend (or did attend anyway). The actors actually go to the cons and have talks/panels. They can even interact with the fans through concerts, cocktail parties and others. Interesting, I say.

It's different though, cons are usually focused on the fans, especially in the anime ones. It's the fans that go around and celebrate fandom through displays of creativity like cosplay or fanart (which can usually be seen in the artist booths), etc. Here in the SPN fandom, the cons can be seen as focused on the actors. Which is not bad at all, just different. The closest one that I've seen is when an early anime con had Fushigi Yuugi's creator Watase Yu come by and host a panel. I wasn't present at that con, but it sounded very interesting :D.

WWE: HOMG E&C, your bromance cannot be tamed :3

I legitimately missed you wrestling fandom <3. We drifted apart while Christian was injured, but now that he's back and interacting with Edge no less... the love is rekindled.

Only for it to be hampered by the fact that junior internship is starting soon >:

NBA: I think this whole season can be summed up with this emoticon = (;-;) That is all.

I'm off now :D I have an early day tomorrow. I'm going to be a godmother for my cousin's new baby boy :3. Can't wait to see the little bundle of joy tomorrow :D.
Friday, 08-04-2011 10:19 pM - Friday Musings
Random, Anime
 As much as I like to complain about LJ's downtimes, I do realize that they're trying their best to hold up against the DDOS attacks and I am grateful for that :D

So today is my the last Friday of the two-week summer extravaganza and I was actually pretty productive. I was able to fix my old third year files and my test review files :D. I was also thinking of finally using my delicious account for fanwork recommendations (for all of my fandoms, SPN, wrestling, anime or otherwise) but I'll see. Since I only have the free time right now because I'm out of school for a limited amount of time. I highly doubt I'll have time to update it once junior internship rolls around.

Plus I still have a large to-read list in my readitlaterlist.com :P

Well I'm off to watch my nephews get their asses kicked in Heroes of Newerth while I wait for 12 mn for a rerun of The Soup. 
Friday, 08-04-2011 1:36 aM - The internet is a lie
Literature, Power, Tragedy, Books, love
Or well, at least our internet connection right now >.< It's sluggish, goes off and on and is generally tempermental. Kinda like how I'm feeling like right now :p

I had the least productive day on my two-week summer extravaganza today. My parents woke me up at the early time of 10:00 a.m. (that's early for someone who usually drags her lazy ass off bed at 11:00 a.m.) thinking that we'll be leaving early for my cousin's house.

We weren't.

I also thought we would eat out on the way to my cousin's house but she insisted we go straight because we might be late for the other visitors coming. Turns out we weren't late, the other visitors were.

We waited for 3 hours XD. It wasn't as useless as I make it seem though because I finally finished The Man Who Ate The World by Jay Rayner (whom I just realized also critiques at Top Chef: Masters). The book was good. The start was great, but like him, after a while all the dishes began to sound the same. Plus the fact that he only looked at high-end of Michelin starred restaurants was kinda disappointing. In order to look for the best meal in your life, one shouldn't limit yourselves to these kinds of restaurants. As an avid street-food connoisseur, I can say that some of the best food I've ever eaten can be found in little side-walk canteens with nary a maitre d' in sight.

Well, one food lit book down, another one up on my list. The Tummy Trilogy by Calvin Trillin. Wow, for once I'm personifying my blog's title XD.

My niece and I then decided to go ahead and stuff ourselves full of chocolate at a little cafe nearby. We did that and then we dragged ourselves back home.

Here at home, we then finished Legion (Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. That is all.) And a Hindi movie called The Three Idiots or something of the same vein XD.

Yup, it was an unproductive day. Hopefully I can finally go ahead and start playing around with graphics tomorrow while finishing the organization of my test review materials. Which reminds me that I still have to edit our thesis proposal to a validation study X_x.

NO! I'm thinking about school already D:. I can't help it though, today is the last free Friday of the two-week summer extravaganza D:

Oh well, off to sleep "early-ish" for once XD.
Wednesday, 06-04-2011 12:19 pM - Breakfast of Champions
Wrestling, Basketball, WWE
Just when I was lauding the stability of LJ, it decided to go down again =_=. RLY LJ? You want me to be proven wrong?

I'm currently eating roasted seaweed for my breakfast cereal fix. Mmm, asian.

So, I was supposed to do some graphics last night, but with the combination of the internet lagging and LJ going down, I wasn't able to post any of it, or do a marginally decent job. So I'll go ahead and try again later.

I'm currently fixing my review files + school files so that by the end of this extremely short "summer vacation", I am fixed and ready for junior internship.

I also had my nails painted (I might as well enjoy it now, considering that I would have to cut them short for junior internship :P), I'm thinking of new colors though :>

Well I have to go and eat lunch now :D. Nomnom.
Tuesday, 05-04-2011 1:41 pM - Thinky-thinky fandom thoughts
Literature, Power, Tragedy, Books, love
What's been happening to LJ? O: It went down twice the past week or so.

Now, I've been in LJ for *checks* 8 years (WOW, it's been that long?) and it's still my main portal for thinky-whiney personal thoughts and the wondrous squee-dom that is fandom.

Many other social networking/journal services has passed and this has been the one constant in my net-life. There's Multiply, Plurk and many others.

There's DeviantArt of course, and Fanfiction.net for art and fiction. Then there's Facebook for "social networking". Message boards for, uh, "sharing" XD

And then now there's Twitter and Tumblr.

Now there are inherent differences between the fandoms that frequent each and every site. It's normal, but ever since I've been in Tumblr, I find myself noticing the differences more and more.

I mean, I like Tumblr but there are good and bad things with it. First of all, it's BUGGY. I mean tags don't work properly, you can't edit tags in any non hair-tearing out way. Posts disappear, posts reappear, notes disappear and then appear, the archive is the slowest thing to ever hit the internet. It's basically a nightmare for LJ users used to at least decently working tags and post archiving.

That's why I would never use Tumblr for archiving anything. And that's why I feel bad for the fic that is posted there. It is very easy to post fics there, no need to advertise in communities, etc. because news travels fast (and when tags work, they do their job marginally well) but trying to find something after some time? Almost impossible.

Oh and most of the users (including I :P) have the attention span of a gnat. It's the nature of the beast, with the extremely high turn-over of reblogs and likes. It's both good and bad in a way. It's good because news travels fast, I learned of the Japan earthquake and tsunami over Tumblr, just a few minutes after it happened. And for wanky topics, sure people get all up and arms about it but afterwards, everything simmers down.

So there are good things and bad things, neither one is better than the other, just that a subset of fans would choose whichever platform would suit them best (and for SPN, I have two XD)

In other less meta-ish thoughts. I am going to get so fat in these two weeks :P, sure I go out and actually play sports or play with the new dog, but I find myself gobbling down duck, ribs, salad, etc. afterwards. I don't feel bad about it (since I'll probably lose it during junior internship), it's just something I noticed.
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