Tags: thirsty

let me break the ice

i'm really craving coffee..

Hmmm, so yeah first day back at the dorms.

Nothing too exciting. Currently watching something on MTV with dancing.. I like it and I want brakesk8 to win! hah they're amazing..

But I really do need a boyfriend, especially for next year.. because I'm getting an apartment with my friend
Noelle and she has a boyfriend.. so I know he's always going to be there and I don't want to be a 3rd wheel.. so I need to step my game up.

I'm really tired right now and it sucks.. I have class tomorrow 9:30-10:45.. then I can take a nap for a while and then go to see the apartments and hand in the papers.. and then dinner and class from 5:25-7:55.

I'll update more tomorrow because I'm currently dying of thirst and my water bottle isn't defrosting.

♥ C