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let me break the ice

i fuck like a porn starrr

Okay so this week has been amazingly gay. I've been extremely sick and dying all week, tired and other shit.. I skipped my first class of the semester this week which was annoying because i wasn't planning on skipping any this semester unless it was an emergency.. but oh well, I didn't feel like taking the shuttle in the rain when I was already exhausted and I went to my first class of that day and then I just didn't go to criminal justice.. but I went today so thats fine..

Tomorrow i'm going to buy a new sidekick because mine is a piece of shit and I cant stand it anymore. I dropped it like 1020123 times and now I lost one of the sides on it and I still don't get some of my calls which happened last time all the time before I got a new sim card..

But yeah life really sucks right about now because i'm still single.. Someone asked me out yesterday, we'll call him JB.. but i'm not too sure I want to be with him because I like someone else.. and he seems like a player.. so I really don't know what to do. This kid C i've been talking to sounds like a really great guy and he's single also, so I don't know what may happen.

Okay so M has been pissing me off lately, pouting and crying over everything.. She needs to get the fuck over shit and I swear to god if she leaves the TV on one more time when i'm trying to do homework the fucking TV is going out the god damned window because I can't do homework with the motherfuckin' tv on. It's so god damned annoying and I specifically pointed it out 444995 times that I can't do shit with the TV on all fucking day long.. it's literally on 24/7. UGHHHHH shes literally been on my last NERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats all for now before I get even more aggrivated.

♥ C
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