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i'm single again, back on the prowl

So JB & I Are Over. Found Out He Was With Someone For A Year Or More And She Was Pregnant. Fuck Him Seriously.

Yep Yep
I'm Back
Slip and Slide records
Yea Yea Yea (ha ha)

I'm single again, back on the prowl
I thought he was perfect, I don't know how
I'm single again, back on the prowl
I thought he was perfect, I don't know how
I'm single again

You know how they do, how they act
See you with another man and they want you back
(whoo whoo) My ass still fat
(whoo whoo) they still
checking for me, and never will you find another bitch like me, and I don't care what your
friends say what we had was like Jay and Beyonce.
Or was it all a dream.
Back seat in the phantom sipping that lean.
We party like rock stars, we sex like porn stars, I'll take you a million bars.


Stop calling me apologizing, don't even start it
Hope you find what you looking for
Back on the market
Let's agree to disagree, don't explain shit to me
I got my own money, there's nobody I need I need I need my own space
I'm single again, who's who I'm mingling wit
Ball players center seats to the game
Ring side still doing my thing
Change my number, switch my cars up
Six months with you match my cars up
It all started so promising
Got my own diamonds so I gave him back the promise ring


Hold up.
Wait a got damn minute
It ain't over till I say we finish (we finish)
Till get my half, then I sit back, relax
and just laugh (ha ha)
At the times we shared, like flying over B-More, high in the G-4,
smoking on cali bud that's how a real G show a bitch cali love (cali love)
Sex in the Cot pit, no love I was just another object (object).
You fell in love with my ass
King magazine you fell in love with my ad (my ad)
20 G's in the Prada bag (Prada bag)
And I'm about to ball out
Had to get my mind right I'm back in the lime light. Fellas!!!


Diamond Princess
I'm still the baddest bitch

Tags: breaking up, jb

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