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what?! is that all you got to say?

Okay well, i've been back at school now since january 22nd and let me tell you.. it's way harder than last semester.

I have so many assignments its completely ridiculous, I don't really know how I am supposed to keep up with all of this stuff. >:0

Okay so, this guy I was falling in love with.. we'll call him D, has been behind my back with about 4 other girls.. and those 4 other girls also did not know about each other.. I just think he is completely and absolutely retarded to mess around with that many girls who all go to the same college, as if girls don't talk and won't find out about each other. So yes, it broke my heart and I just couldn't believe he would do that.. Even though we weren't officially a couple, we were still doing things couples did.. and he had told me he liked me and I believed him, obviously i'm stupid.

I just need a guy that will not treat me like a whore and who will love me for me. Like seriously.
Tags: cheating, d, school, wcsu
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