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neither him or me could decided whether we wanted to outlive that night   
09:11pm 19/05/2008
mood: pensive
i love when people dont call when they say theyre going to

i expect too much from people
     is there anything?
01:40pm 29/12/2007
mood: mellow
i am now the proud owner of a t-mobile sidekick3. anyone need a texting buddy? hah.
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Writer's Block: Pickup Artist   
06:31pm 14/11/2007
mood: cheerful
What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?

i aint fred flintstone but i can sure make your bed rock.

your pants must got mirrors on em cuz i can see myself in them.

nice legs, what time do they open?
     is there anything?
12:41pm 02/09/2007
mood: giggly
last night i wrote in my actual tangible diary. it was kinda nice.

im happy.
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james taylor   
03:09pm 26/08/2007
  i've seen fire and i've seen rain.

all i have to say.
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walk away walk away   
09:50am 22/08/2007
  isn't it ridiculous that i have to blast bad religion just to block out the sound of my 17 year old sister and 19-year-old brother arguing and screaming at each other? im really wondering when theyre gonna decide to grow up.  
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i have deleted..   
11:09am 19/08/2007
  i deleted all my old entries cuz only a few of them seemed to matter to me anymore.  
     is there anything?
youve already won me over.   
11:20am 20/07/2007
mood: bouncy
hahaha god loves me. :D
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