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it ain't me you're lookin' for, babe.

I'm going to miss this. A lot.

what is life like?

I am so super busy that I forget that Livejournal even exists. I tend to only look at my friends' page when I log on. As a result, I never remember the point of this whole website. Until tonight... when I am procrastinating so much that it made it remember!

College is fine. Being an RA is easy as pie, most of the time. My family life is crazy and ridiculous. All of the stress and fun and excitement and anxiety made me get my nose pierced last week. I really like it. No one really notices the stud because it's tiny and cute. I've been dating Rich for a couple of months now. And that makes me really happy. =) I guess life is average, but I would rather that than having it be bad.

I miss my house and my puppy a lot. I can't wait 4+ more weeks to get home and just chill. I want to go to work and have fun with my friends. I can't wait to be 21. The more I think about it, the more I want to start planning my casino trip. I wish my best friend was back in the country. I think I would be a little less frazzled if she were here. It's been a whirlwind semester so far. I don't expect anything less from the month we have left. I just hope the weather stays above 70 the whole time (which will never happen).

I just realized how fitting my username is. I was so in tune with myself however long ago I made this... 

christmas lj tradition...

I remembered that I pictured most of what I got in my journal last year. And I like to remember stuff like that so...

What I got this year...Collapse )

what i miss:

Maybe I am lonely or maybe it's because I'm homesick.
But I really miss these people and doing these things!

junior year of college.

holy crap, i am so old.

i just realized that i'm almost out of college.

i am an RA this year and i have my car up at school.

my life is falling apart but being held together by the people that i love.

i wish that michael jackson was still alive.

random thoughts for today. september 4, 2009.

so excited!

Besides the dumb shit that has happened in the past week, I am extremely excited about the next few days! I, with the money I have earned and saved from working at the portrait studio, am buying a car! Not new, of course; because I do have to attend school, buy books, etc. However, it is a used Volkswagen Cabrio. It's tan with a black vinyl convertible top! It's a stick so I have to learn to drive all over again. BUT IT'S MINE!! WEEEE!

this christmassss,

I want to do what Shaelyn did and show some of what I got this year!

Presents!Collapse )

what we aim to do.

So last year, I went home any weekend I picked. Any time I wanted. I was home more than I was at school, ultimately. All has changed since joining the UMMB (and for those who don't know- that's the UMASS Minutemen Marching Band.) I really want to kill myself. Only Reason I Didn't Quit Yet: it keeps you in shape. Other than that, colorguard is making me insane. I'm on the rifle line and never have been before. And I'm the only one that's never spun outside before. So it seems like every person is more... advanced than I am. I have to work on a lot of things. And also, I can't go home until November due to our ridiculous marching schedule. And because of that, I can't see Kevin until then either!

Tomorrow, we're taking all 8 coach buses and driving down to New Jersey. We perform in some random town at 9:35 at night Saturday. And Sunday we drive down to Allentown, PA for a Collegiate Marching Band Festival in which we perform at 5:00. That wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take 7 to 8 hours to drive one way on a bus. Ugh. I am so not looking forward to this. At least this is the only two day trip of the season. All the others are football games. And if anyone wants to drive to UMASS, you are welcome to come see the 20 minute halftime show in which I sweat my ass off.

I am not complaining though. If I can get through a week long band camp of 8 am to 11 pm practices, I can do anything that's thrown at me. I just have to make sure I do my homework too... Hah.


I miss being close to him.

Happy 15 months. <3

i should really update this more often.

I'd like to keep more track of my life than I have been lately.

I forgot the password to this account for the past... however long it's been. But I figured it out again the other night and was very content just reading through stuff I've missed.

It's summertime for me already. I took a job as a photographer/studio associate at Sears Portrait Studio in the Milford Mall. The job is very nerve-wracking because of how serious people are about the way their portraits come out. I'm happy with it though; it should be a good experience. It's already a good solid week into June which means tomorrow is mine and Kev's one year anniversary. Already. I feel like we've been together not even 3 months, let alone 12. Time is flying by. He's graduating at the end of next week. He's running in State Opens tomorrow which I hope to be going to.

Tonight, we decided to celebrate. After getting out of work at around 2:30, I headed over to Billy's house to jump in the pool with the boys and Shaelyn. It started thundering, lightning and POURING sheets of rain. When it cleared up, Kev and I left to go get ready. We spent a good 20 minutes deciding where to go for dinner and then we decided we felt like Mexican food. Our choice ended up being On the Border in Orange. Not too bad. We were so full by the end of the TRES COURSE $9.99 meal that we had to go walk it off. He took me to the beach and we walked out to the pier just like one year ago. He said the same thing. "A wise man once said, 'Life is like a box of chocolates'". And he gave me a box of chocolates which he then made me open. Inside was a little note saying:

Thanks for being my ookie/ lyptus/ bear/ boo/ fishy/ baby/ ericaroni/ e-money for one whole year. I love you more than anything. <3

It made me die a little inside. Haha. And then in the box was two tickets to see Coldplay on July 3rd up in Hartford. I'm so excited to be able to go with him. Even though he doesn't like that music at all. Haha. It was more than what I could wish for ever.

After that, it became really buggy so we watched the sun set a little more and headed off to reenact the other parts of June 9th, 2007. We went to Andy's house and Jeremy's. And then we got off course and ended up in the playground at JFK. Just jokin' around and remembering random stuff from last summer. I absolutely love this kid. This relationship has been more enjoyable than any of the rest. I've never made it a solid year with anyone. I love this feeling.

I hope that's what we're like when we get old.