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[Tim, Tim, Dont you remember me?]

13 May


Im Am The Cremosa Kid

Meh.. Im lazy as hell, Umm im always on my computer.. im always listening to music because it is the best thing ever. Im antisocial:), the only time im ever out is when i go to glasgow. Best day ever was when I met Tim Armstrong at the barrowlands on the 25th september 2003, that was the best ever gig i have been to it was just pure greatness seeing and meeting my god/idol and holding his hand for like 2 minutes and telling him i loved him. That was the best night ever although i did lose the autograph when i was buying a teeshirt:(
I am Rancid's biggest fan and also i am Tim Armstrongs biggest fan <3<3<3

Tim <3

999, agnostic front, american history x, angelic upstarts, anti-flag, anti-nowhere league, arcade games, bad manners, bad religion, bats, beastie boys, black flag, blood for blood, bullet belts, calpol, capdown, catch 22, cathouse, cats, cheap sex, checkers, choking victim, circle jerks, citizen fish, cock sparrer, common rider, crass, cremosa lollys, customizing clothes, dave mello, david courtney, dead kennedys, devils brigade, dogpile clothing, donnie darko, dropkick murphys, edward furlong, edward norton, f-minus, farse, five knuckle, flogging molly, full metal jacket, futurama, gbh, gigs, glasgow, goldfinger, goldie lookin' chain, guttermouth, hardcore punk, hellcat records, horrorpops, jello biafra, jesse michaels, king of the hill, lars and the bastards, leftover crack, leopard print, less than jake, let him have it, little britain, lower class brats, lucky charms, mad caddies, mad sin, madball, madness, matt freeman, mdc, meeting tim armstrong, minor threat, misfits, mohawks, monkey dust, monkeys, movies, nekromantix, nerve agents, nihilism, no comply, nofx, off centre, oi!, operation ivy, oxymoron, pennywise, pepsi, psychobilly, punk, rancid, reel big fish, refused, riots, rockabilly, safety pins, sex pistols, sick on the bus, ska, skalatones, skankin, skatalites, snoopy, south park, spiderman, stray cats, streetlight manifesto, studs, subhumans, sublime, swingin utters, tartan, the blitz, the business, the buzzcocks, the casualties, the clash, the damned, the descendents, the devotchka's, the exploited, the filaments, the germs, the meteors, the offspring, the pietasters, the ramones, the ruts, the specials, the unseen, tiger army, tim armstrong, transplants, uk subs, us roughnecks, vanilla cola, voodoo glow skulls, warzone, x-ray specs, zeke