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1 ~ get thin
[03 Apr 2008|10:25pm]
BINNNGGEEED last night.
Can't even remember all I had.
Woke up and the scale read 105 (so really like 107)
So at least I only gained a pound or two.
I intend on losing it fast though.
So today was a liquid fast,
tomorrow's a total fast.
Kevin and Jordan will be here Saturday-Sunday.
Then probably doing 2468 or something of that nature.
I wish this rain would stop so I could walk to the gym.

get thin
[03 Nov 2007|01:37am]
some promised halloween pictures
my bestfriend is in most of them so please dont repost.

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1 ~ get thin
[10 Jun 2007|03:27am]
due to my summertime insomnia i should be posting in here a lot more often. im sorry for those who look at my journal and rarely see posts. i had to delete all of my thinspiration on my computer to do some damage control but hopefully i'll be able to accumulate a decent collection within the next few weeks. i'll also be posting update pictures along with daily intakes and weigh ins.

theres this server at my work, outback steakhouse (anorexic hell), that continues to grab my arms and tell me their fat. a guy at panera, my old workplace, used to do the same exact thing and would call me fat. its rediculous. when i put my hands around my arms theres about a one inch gap between fingers. it would be more inspiring if i didnt think they were kidding. but it makes me wonder if they know im self contious about my weight and do it to see if i'll starve it off. not sure. the waiter that does it now, i know for a fact has weight issues and might just be looking for a weight loss buddy but i dont want it to be a known fact at work.
its confusing.

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