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111 - The One With The Big Idea

Various conversations these last two weeks with lapifors and mcdoherty have brought it to my attention that while ljsecret is all fun and games... actually catching that Submissions Post is a master-class in LJ loitering. SO... I had an idea and Laurie thought it was pretty good so I thought I'd run with it and see what happened.

Basically, this is not ljsecret; this is Di's F-List Secret.
Make your secret, upload it to wherever and post the link anonymously as a comment here and next week or in a few days or whatever; I'll gather them all together and post them. AND, seeing as I'm a LOT less strict than ljsecret; feel free to leave as many secrets as you want, there are NO topics that can't be touched upon and just feel free to have fun with it and do whatever you want.
I'm gonna put some secrets of my own in there seeing as I keep missing the Submissions Post myself.

Anyway... feel free to let me know what you think but if you are posting a secret; do it anonymously!! *g*

I really hope this works - I think it'd be fun and a nice way of getting to know each other a little better... if we can work out which secret belongs to who... =)

♥ xx

Edit: Obviously, this entry is public to allow anonymous comments so feel free to ask your friends if they wanna join in... just don't tell everyone!! LMAO!!
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