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182 - Merry Chrismukkah

MONDAY: Nothing to report aside from momentary insanity. [Thank you, Steve]
TUESDAY: Ben!texts then going out for drinks then spending the night with the boy.
WEDNESDAY: Tea and presents with Miss Beecham then drinks then wine at the Ben's house then sleeping with Hannah like we did in Manchester that time. Man, I've missed my girl.
THURSDAY: Morning off work with girl and boyface - fucking awesome. Lunch with the work folk. Brilliant.
FRIDAY: Night in with Ben, lots of wine and Chinese takeaway. We argued BIG-TIME and I was so close to walking out but he apologised profusely and I thought he might cry at one point so we talked lots and made up and it was fine. Lots of cuddles in bed = L♥VE!
SATURDAY: Day in bed. Dinner and dancing. We are like a couple from the 50s. We dressed up and went out for a meal and we talked about the future like it's only around the corner and I was/am so happy. Met up with his mates post-meal and later on in The Buck, he told me he loved me then looked at me like "OMG! What did I say?". We talked about it on the way home and I didn't say it back for about half an hour. The relief on his face was actually tangible - I could've grabbed it as it appeared. Got completely stoned when we got back to his and it totally reacted with the wine so I ended up puking and passing out. How romantical.
TODAY: Er... Merry Christmas?! Why do I not feel festive in the least? Spent the morning with Ben who made me breakfast in bed. I'm going back over there in an hour or so until midnight then home to spend the actual day with the parentals. We're having our Christmas on Boxing Day. He held me so tightly this morning and just said "Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you." It was so cute.

I feel distant and magical lately. I miss LJ so much but this weekend has been so weird. Hope everyone is well. Hope everyone got their Christmas cards. Hope everyone has a wonderful night and a wonderful day tomorrow.

Love to you all ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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163 - Skinned Knee

Just something I wrote... I love my new muse... ♥

The sponge is rough even when dripping and I wince as you press it down to my knee. The skin is sore and still bleeding slightly and I have never been the best at dealing with pain. Lukewarm water, slightly salted, runs down my bare leg but I ignore it. Your drop the sponge into the bowl and it makes a strange sound that makes me smirk despite the sting. You lean forward in slow motion and blow, ever so gently, on the graze. I gasp sharply at the sensation but it soon passes and I sigh, relieved.

You tell me that I will have a bruise in the morning and I shake my fringe into my eyes and nod pathetically. You reach up and brush the hair back, that look in your eyes that I recognise but still can’t place.

You would think I’d know you by now.

“Ready?” you ask and I nod again. Glance down at my knee.

The bleeding has stopped and a dark brown clot is forming on the outside. It doesn’t look so bad now and I wonder why I was so upset about it. I look up at you and you help me to my feet and I know why but refuse to admit it to myself. It would make me weak and foolish and I am neither of those things.

I wake in the morning with a bruise on my knee.

And you in my bed.

And I know why.
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128 - A Gift From Me2You

Bands you know.
Bands you don’t.
Music you’ve heard.
Music you haven’t.
I was bored so I made you all a mix album…
It might take you a while to download but I hope you’ll take the time to accept my little gift.
Do let me know what you think…
because i loff you
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111 - The One With The Big Idea

Various conversations these last two weeks with lapifors and mcdoherty have brought it to my attention that while ljsecret is all fun and games... actually catching that Submissions Post is a master-class in LJ loitering. SO... I had an idea and Laurie thought it was pretty good so I thought I'd run with it and see what happened.

Basically, this is not ljsecret; this is Di's F-List Secret.
Make your secret, upload it to wherever and post the link anonymously as a comment here and next week or in a few days or whatever; I'll gather them all together and post them. AND, seeing as I'm a LOT less strict than ljsecret; feel free to leave as many secrets as you want, there are NO topics that can't be touched upon and just feel free to have fun with it and do whatever you want.
I'm gonna put some secrets of my own in there seeing as I keep missing the Submissions Post myself.

Anyway... feel free to let me know what you think but if you are posting a secret; do it anonymously!! *g*

I really hope this works - I think it'd be fun and a nice way of getting to know each other a little better... if we can work out which secret belongs to who... =)

♥ xx

Edit: Obviously, this entry is public to allow anonymous comments so feel free to ask your friends if they wanna join in... just don't tell everyone!! LMAO!!
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