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All those nights, setting christmas trees on fire [entries|friends|calendar]
Another Face

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6 became my destruction

Change is coming, know it's nothing personal. [06 Oct 2004|04:34pm]
I am ditching this journal. I have a new one.

I promise I don't do this regularly. If I want you to know it, I've already added you on it.


6 became my destruction

[06 Oct 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | content ]

Not having class and wearing your PJ pants all day is the best feeling in the world.

So is wishing you had had a camera.

I am currently falling in love with Ben Gibbard. It feels weird because I used to hate him, but now I can't get enough. It makes me feel like I'm jumping in on the train late.

Everybody knows it.

I need to clean.

1 became my destruction

[03 Oct 2004|04:46pm]
[ mood | workin ]

Everybody make me a mix.

It'll be so highschool, I promise.

11 became my destruction

[01 Oct 2004|01:51am]
[ mood | depressed ]

My World is Dead.

I hope he's making her happy.

2 became my destruction

I hope he makes her happy [28 Sep 2004|04:55pm]


[22 Sep 2004|08:02am]
[ mood | Sleepy ]

That's weird, Jamie... Same thing happened to me.

2 became my destruction

[20 Sep 2004|12:02pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

Exerpts from my googlismCollapse )

1 became my destruction

[19 Sep 2004|12:42am]
[ mood | sleepy ]



3 became my destruction

[16 Sep 2004|04:28pm]
So, tonight I'm getting a laptop and a Desktop, for no cost at all.

Talk about timing.

10 became my destruction

[15 Sep 2004|08:20pm]
So today, I fried my motherboard.

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