sorry im not home right now, im walking in a spiderweb

wow. today was SO much fun!!!! i love rebecca lynn hodgeson. k well.. i woke up at like 10 and started getting ready for KD.. i got ready.. then went to emilys house to pick up my belt.. and to say by eot her =( then i went home.. watched tv and played with libby.. then at like 12:45 bex came and picked me up and we were on our way to KD!!! it took like an hour and a half to get there because of traffic =( but anyways, we got there and i got my ugly pic  taken lol then we left her parents and went to the SHOCKWAVE... everyone let us go infronta them it wass weird.. so we were first in like.. NO LIE!!! then we went to the rebel yell and we went 2 times in a row, there were NO lines at all!!! yeah then we went on like all of the rides. so much fun. there were NO lines at all.. we saw rj for like less then 5 minutes.. but anyways. it was SO much fun. we left at 6:30 and went to KFC!! god, we were SO hyper.. we were SO loud and just like CRAZY. it was so fun, then we went to Carl's for ice cream. and again, we were SO hyper. today ROCKED like WOAH!!! heres some awesome pics from today...
note: if you notice, my tounge is out in like more than half of them...

- hey!! you in the front!, how old are you??? <- lmao he was HOTT!!!
-element guy<- woo woo hott skater guy following us!!
-i can see you(rj) but u cant see me<- god i could NOT find him!
-ummm..... sure you can say that<-we're crazy.
-put the camera in ur pocket & tango on up<-KFC. LmAO
-KFC short hands and legs...<-i was seriously, retarded.
-ummm....not enough food...fat guy<-THATS why it took so long to get our food, they had to cook more!!!! LMMFAO.
-umm...dont cough<-we're so nice.
-mom dad david joyce<-i couldnt stop laughing
-fast talking guy<-...geez, you talk fast.
-outside movie theater in ur backyard..<-we have very wide imaginations.
BECCA- YOUR THE GREATEST. i love becca. dot.

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yeah, something like that

wow. friday was so effin sad. got to school & sat in home room & talked & took pictures. then 8th graders god dismissed to the party. it was SO much fun.. laughing & dancing & hugging and stuff... but then comes the last 15 minutes =( everyone bursts into tears... so many people leaving to different schools.. SO sad. i was balling. we got out at 11:30.. walking in the bus circle was so sad... all the stupid 6th & 7th graders staring at us all crying.. we got on the bus  & me emily & blake sat togehter... crying & talking the whole time.. emily came home with me and we got ready for the beach, STILL crying. ashley came over and walked to the beach with us.. once again, STILLLL crying. we got to the beach.. actually stopped crying now.. and we had a good time.. at like 4:30 we left, and me & emily got ready for abbey's party.. we went and it was SO much fun.. until the end, when i started crying AGAIN. im so emotional. not EMO. but emotional. so sad. but anyways... emily came over after.. we hung out all night.. she slept over.. saturday we were lazy... then me emily ashley & noel went to the beach.. and walked to 711 then back to the beach.. later me emily and ash left to my house..  emily went home and showered.. me and ash hung out at my place.. then we got in the hot tub.. emily came back over.. and then me & ash got out and we all got ready for the mall.. we went to the mall.. it was funny. what happens in the mall STAYS in the mall..right emily & ashley?! ahahha. then my sister picked us up, and drove us home.. matt came over and we hungout for like 2 hours.. it was fun.. then matt left and we ordered pizza... then we went in the tent for the night.. =) it was SO much fun.. around 11:45 michal came over.. and then at like 12:30 tyler came over.. stayed til like 4.. it was fun i guess... what happens in the tent STAYS in the tent.. ahaha. i went to bed around.. 5:30-ish.. woke up at 8. but i still pretended i was sleeping.. lol.. eventually everyone was up by 10.. we went inside, had muffins & cleaned up.. michal & emily left.. and ashley left at 12:30.. now im just chillin.. nothing to do today.. me rj & chris were gonna go to the movies.. but idk. PS i like chris =) now here's some picturessss


last day =*( & partyyyCollapse )

thats it.. ill update tomorrow or something..

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my lips are sealed for you

hello everyone..
the past 2 days have been really fun.. lets see

YESTERDAY- i cleaned out my locker, so theres NOTHING in it now.. which was sad =/ so yeah... school was boring.. but after school.. emily came home with me and we went to the beach with michal and julie.. and lets see a WHOLE lot of people were there..: tyler tanner brett john matt collin johnny ashleigh devon michael.. yeah it was a buttload of fun.. then me & michal went home and had dinner, then my mom took us to michaels & CVS.. me and michal have so much fun together.. then we brought michal home..
TODAY- school was fine.. in every class watched movies & signed yearbooks.. so it was good i guess... i rode michals bus home.. it was awesome =) i <3 her bus. and i <3 taylor's pink hair!! but anyways.. we got to michals house and got ready for the beach.. and then TAYLOR & JiMMY came over.. and we all walked to the beach.. it was VERY fun.. today mark bryce brad michal kara jenny devon matt john and alexis!!! it was fun.. but yesterday was funner. lol. then me and michal went home to my house.. and had dinner.. and then just hung out in my room.. it was fun
TOMORROW- school, last FULL day =/ im gonna cry SO effin much on friday.. im so sad for the last day.. im gonna miss everyone whos NOT goin to FP =( wow..

>>EDiT<< i think im starting to like johnny leabhart
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get up on the dance floorrrrrrr

lets see... today was good i guess
got to school..
1st & 2nd period- took the history exam.. fun
3rd- only 20 minutes.. watched half of our movie. lmfao. the whole class was laughing
4th- 30 minutes.. nap time
5th- finished all my crap that i had to do.. started some weird thing..
6th- got spanish exam results back... i got a C+... =/ hey its better then my mid-term.. which was a D+..
7th- exam review.. exam tomorrow..

after school, michal came over.. we went to 711, got some food, then went to the beach... LOTS of hott guys there... inclduing johnny lephart ;).. heh. matt was there too.. along with kelsey, becca, jon & houstan.. yep.. then we walked home.. we saw spencer.. god hes HOTT. went to michals house for a while.. basiclly killed her with the blue ball. haha. then came home for chinese food =P.

tonight: no homework!!! yay. oh yeah i re-did my myspace =)

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how do you like me now

dude. its been over a month sense i updated...

alotta shit has been going on.. but yeah im gonna try to update like.. everyday in the summer.. it should be cool =)

latly ive been hanging out with michal tyler tanner brett & kaitlyn alot.. its pretty cool

wel here's what happend.. im like in love with tyler.. but then he goes and likes julie a whole lot. how nice of him.. RIGHT?!?! no. im TRYING to not let that get to me.. but i cant help it

im trying not to be emo. hah

effing 4 and a half more days of school. loves. it

tomorrow=history exam
tuesday=math exam
wednesday= movies
thursday=movies & parties
friday= last day.. LOTS of tears comming =/

comment please.<333

PS- you loves the layout?!
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(no subject)

i haven't updated in a long time..
monday i rode the bus home with michal... then went to the beach with sheridan & john
tuesday i did nothing
wednesday i went over to emilys after school with blake & graham.. stayed there for a while on the trampoline... then went to tumbling
thursday emily came to my house after school... we walked to PDQ and then went to kids dominion with our friend tara... then went to henderson on the play ground for a while.. then emily went home and michal and i went to tyler & bretts hockey game with tanner... funness..
friday[today]= awesome. school was fine.. got home and went on the trampoline for a LONG time and did 51 bhs's ... fun =D then i went to a baseballl game with blake.. but i didnt watch it but anyways we met our friend colin & tyler there and tyler introduced us to johnny spud spike josh & dylan and we played tag for a while then me and blake got lazy so we layed down and they left for like 10 minutes then came back and we wanted to do something... so then we played a LONGGG game of basket ball and me and blake were a package.. we were captians =] and we had an awesome team.. it was me blake johnny tony & dylan.. we SO beat them.. and i shot 6 baskets and made them ALL!!! omg i was so proud of myself... blake made one.. but you know.. shes still awesome =D so yes. tonight was awesome all together. blakes so cool
tomorrow i think im going to this thing with blake and her mom but idk yet.. then emily blake and i are going to OPEN GYM from 3-5 which should be fun =] then i think emilys comming back to my house and maybe michal... and were camping out in the backyard.. haha. this should be fun. thats all for now my loves...

`take it off. it'll make me feel better!!`
`someone come foul me please!!!`
`time out! she needs to do my thing again!`
haha blake.. how come whenever we say ANYTHiNG.. it AUTOMATiCLY doesnt sound right?!


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(no subject)

this weekend was.. hmm.. fun =)
i actually had a 3 day weekend =P
friday i was sick so i didnt go to school... slept all day
saturday i was 100% better =D woke up at 5:45 haha. and layed in bed til 8 listening to music.. i got up.. had some breakfast... and then just sat around til like 1.. theni showered and then my dad brought michal and me to quiznos =P then we went back to michals. chilled. ate. then i went home & got ready for the movies. michal picked me up. we picked up lauren too. met tom there.. i saw WiLL there =D <3. i got to see TANNER for like 20 minutes. oh gosh i love him ALOT. then michal tom lauren and i went back to the movies and we saw Alot Like Love.. which is OMGz.. best movie EVER. loves it. then michal and i went back to her house.. and had SOOOOO much fun the whole night. i dont wanna explain it ALL. got to bed around... eh.. 4:00       0=)
sunday(today) woke up around.. 9 and had food. michal got ready. went to my house. got ready. waited til 3.. tyler brett & john picked us up to go to the carnival. carnival was AWESOME =D tyler won me a dolphin =) =) how sweet. lol i <3 tyler... he went on some ride 2 times. and then threw up. lmao it was funny. but then he was better.. at like 5 we left and went back to tylers house and UNFORTUNENTLY i was wearing a white shirt. so they HAD to pour water ALLLLL over me. so i was soaked. same with michal. then we went into the woods. why? i dont know. lol we're SO crazy. i LOVE tyler & brett.. around 7 my sister came & got me and michal.. but i forgot my dolphin at tyler's house ='(  .... so yeah. got home. michal came over. we ate. she went home. im here. bored. i need to clean my shoes.
tomorrow im riding michals bus home. i think im gonna see spencer. finally. i miss him. i have cramps. it sucks. im leaving. loves <3.
PS- i got a myspace =) findme&&addme.

PSS- got thisCollapse ) off belinda's xanga =)

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blahhhh ='(

its only 1:30.. and today SUCKED.  i woke up at 6 with a HORRiBLE stomach ache =[.. so i went into my moms room and layed down in her bed.. then i had to throw up. so i did. =( then i went back to sleep for a half an hour and woke up to throw up again. then my mom told me i couldnt go to school. which got me pretty upset.. because now i cant do anything tonight ='( so mom left to go to work at 7 so i was home alone.. i slept til 1 and then wateched some TV.. then got up to get some water.. but i threw up =( so then i got water.. called my mommy. and now im here waiting for my dad to get home =[ hopefully ill get better before 6 so i can go out =[
wish me luck =/

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