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so homecoming was fun.

i went with holly, she was my date.
saterday woke up for PSAT's did those slept and went with kels
to get her hair did... chick came over, i did an amazing job on her hair
if i do say so myself, it came out amazing, and myn i have no time so i put it up, looks okay i guess.. went to hollys went with her to amandas, but we stopped at the store and everyone look at us funny cuz we were all dressed up lol uh took pics at amandas and was so fun, ilikeagirl.. but its badnews, its not good. but anyway jaime is a whore. and when cody left she was all over holly and holly thinking she has a penis was like whoaa kay so yeah fuckthat, i got angry cuz at that time i was coming down anyway so it made it worse.. so i went outside with kristen and april cuz they were pissed too idk why i dont remember but it was 1030 by then anyways so we chilled out there for awhile hol came out and we left, she brought me to ash's and she went to go find jaime..fuckina.. sorry amber but shes a dumb whoreeeeeee..buut i got twisted as fuck it was fun, i had fun,played some ghetto-fied jungle juice pong, lmaoo fun as hell.. but yeah then went to bed at 4 woke up at 9 and went to football games

and i dont want to go to work today.

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okay so im making this public cuz people need to really think about what they say...

ive noticed alot of people are hiding behind phony identities latly, not just in school, in life in general, girls expecially, their vicious, people starting with chicker over stupid ass shit, and people starting with sarahj, its fucking rediculous, who really cares, if you dont like them then leave them alone, dont start anything because its not worth it, its rediculous.
Everyone is changing, soo much, sarahchap. and alex are turning into a hannah and kyle, its rediculous, her and chicker are still in a brawl, over STUPID SHIT, alex isnt helping it either, their cuzins, they should be close, really close, and not fighting, specially over a guy. of all things
jaime is kinda changing too, her and holly fell back into place, everyone knew that was going to happen... its just rediculous, no one in the group is the way they were and its sad.. i hate it and i know alot of other people do too..
everyone is becoming fake as well.. people smoking to "fit in"
people dressing a way to "fit in"
people doing shit they would never do all to fit in
to fit in with who? obviously the wrong fucking people if you cant be yourself..
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yea so today is the day after thanksgiving and it was pretty cool i guess, last night i didnt get to sleep till about 2-3am cuz my moms friend, whos like a mother to me was out on the road reallllly drunk and tryin to get to our house cuz her and her husband got into a fight er sutin and she needed to get she was lost and couldnt read the signs cuz she didnt have her glasses on top of being drunk so it took us from 10 to 2 am to find her..we did and she came and crashed over here...i woke up around 5 ish and had a pillow fight with my cuzin brittney it was phun, yea and we just hung around till around 2, we went bowling woot! lol it was phun, me my brother,sister,chris,britt my mom and aunt too, then we went to blockbuster and rented elf, and soem other saposedly scary movies,jared came over too woot! and yea we started watchin the movie i rented and it was soooo gay so we watched amityville horror instead, iheartthatmovie<3 but yea then he left omfg we were up watching skykids3 and my sister was on the floor under a blanket and my dog goes up to her and starts humping it, it was soo fuckin hilarious, he kept doing it too omg we were laughin sooooo hard!!!

i also thought alot about sarah today...i miss her...i was listening to konstentine soo much today, and ive herd only one about 30 times on the radio today...i think it means something..idk but my foots tingling like a goddamn nigger and its crashy man
im gona go now adn sleeeeeeeeeeep

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