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finding ways to fill up the silence

these are the eyes that I want you to remember

miss jen
2 February 1986
shelter me from this sky
dance with me one last time

p.s. i may or may not have a minor libertines obsession.

Dislikes:1: the way liam gallagher says 'shine'.
"ah you're here!", "pleasedontkilloursinger!", [real] blur, a diversion!, adam green's dancing, albert hammond jr, b-or-not-a-b, beating-gary-at-monopoly, being scared of horrorshow, being-a-lamer-and-watching-star-wars, belle & sebastian, bill bailey, books of albion, braaainsss[er..psychology], brmc, carl barât's voice, colin and justin!, comic books, death cab for cutie, dirty-pretty-things-but-not-babyshambles, dismemberment plan, do-do-do-do-do-the-ocean-motion, doctor who, dominic monaghan, easyworld, edgar wright, fab or nick?, flaming lips, fried gold!, fry&laurie, glastonbury, graham coxon, gwen-sticking-paper-to-things, haribo fridays, hating oasis, hilarious-pearl-jam-impressions, hot chocolate and tray, house!, i've-been-looking-for-dave-grohl, i-touched-a-crab-and-i-liked-it, idlewild, irn bru, jack black, jason lee, kevin smith films, marcheys house, megadrive, moooooorning's heeeeere!, muse, nada surf, newcastle-upon-tyne, nintendo ds, not sean bean's arse, not-fainting-whilst-watching-rufus, notlisteningtozanelowe, obsessive-spaced-watching, old skool nickelodeon, old[ish] cartoons, pavement, pervy jack, pete'n'carl, pirates of the caribbean, pterodactyl-career-aspirations, r.e.m, radiohead, random easyworld fans, record shopping, red dwarf, ross noble, rufus wainwright!, shaun-of-the-dead-comics, silly theories about muse, sleeping, soulwax+the c.a.s.i.o song, souuuuund!, spaced, spoonface&the spoonettes!, stop...continue!, summer, terrifying-horror-films, textbook!, the bnp are cunts, the cooper temple clause, the john magnet theory, the libertines, the steve/kirsty theory, the strokes, the-magical-fence-neuron, the-music-on-homes-under-the-hammer, the-way-ryan-adams-sings-"oh-lord", then-we-take-the-crabs-and-put-them-in-our-eyes, tom mcrae, toothpastefordinner.com, torchwood, travelling to gigs, twisty!, wearing too many bracelets, wednesdays [no physics!], weezer's backing vocals, wondrous johnny, zach braff, zombie movies