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what about punk rock? [entries|friends|calendar]
rockets fall on rocket falls

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[01 Oct 2009|10:26am]
you're a nobody, girl.

[27 Sep 2009|06:04pm]
and i want to eat red, red meat. i want to feel it digesting inside of my tummy and i support animal testing. i'd kill a kitten to save a human being.

[25 Sep 2009|03:03am]
who still uses livejournal? seriously.

wish you were dead. my biggest mistake was ever talking to you in the first place.

[09 Sep 2009|02:07pm]
nobody remembers you, baby, cuz there's nothing to remember.

[07 Sep 2009|09:10pm]
in the tall grass of a long sun a quiet repast and i'm sweet nothings
come hell i'm your lover your man your friend your fair weather
it's a world stopped afternoon passion legs your wordless
all blue routes to your birth place chalk white wincing pretty in it

summer dress your hair's wet and gets into our kisses
can you tell why my intentions always wind up near misses
there's a kindness in your smile but my sky plays fatal music
there's the promise and the shell of great beginnings seldom finished

in the laze of a barefoot afternoon. what's a boy to do?
sunday eyes, am i losing you? is the summer really through?

straps down and overtired if i had a favorite picture
i'd call it right now, uncertain, braced for your disaster
summer gown were you sent down to wrestle me to reason
i'm a thrown fight in your favor i'll do everything but listen to you now

in the laze of an empty afternoon. it's all happening too soon.
sunday eyes, am i losing you? say it isn't true.

in the summer you really know
that it doesn't feel like the summer so much anymore
but i keep trying to find you somewhere smiling
over me over you over me

summer girl all summer long you know the winter's wrong
southbound those motel towns can mend most broken mornings
there's citrus groves where noone knows the fruit of truth from evil
and a long walk on a short pier means nothing more than swimming here

there's an end but we don't get to choose. we can only lose.
if i cried a river just for you
would you swim in it some sunny afternoon?

in the summer you'll really know
you're the only summer that i think i'll ever know
so i'll keep trying to find you somewhere smiling
over me over you over

[07 Sep 2009|07:36pm]
it's sad that we use the way we talk to people as a game to make as many friends as possible. we use famous "indie rock" figures as a basis of our fashion and the way we act. it makes me sick. you're no better than any person because of the music you listen to. be real. be someone who isn't someone else. fuck your bands. and fuck your cigarettes and coffee. fuck your shit you hold so dearly to keep your mask on. you're no better than anyone with a soul.

[24 Aug 2009|03:51pm]
you, my dear, are the one who is awful.

[05 Aug 2009|11:28pm]
my girlfriend is better than your girlfriend.

[29 Jul 2009|07:32pm]
who gives a fuck about you.
1 000

[24 Jul 2009|11:02am]
nothing stops; everything changes.

[14 Jul 2009|07:17pm]
mos' definitely getting a thousand dollars to record a cd.

[12 Jul 2009|10:20pm]
some people shouldn't be allowed to wake up in the morning.
1 000

[03 Jul 2009|05:08pm]
don't you remember
the last time we were speeding down this highway?
anna slept in the back seat, dreaming in the autumn heat.
we turned up the country radio.
i said, "if you want me just say so."
i slicked back my hair in the wind.
and i told you i didn't want my picture taken but you snapped it anyway.
now i guess you won't have trouble remembering me someday.
so i floored it and swerved around the lanes.
i kept wishing it were you instead of me behind the wheel
so maybe with my camera i could steal a shot of you
and go home to put it in my room.
maybe you'll never remember me.
maybe my face will lose these scars,
'cause sometimes they keep me home at night
where i duck under the covers and wince when i see the light.
and i told you i didn't want my picture taken but you snapped it anyway.
now i guess you won't have trouble remembering me someday.

[03 Jul 2009|02:54am]
today, i got a letter from fierce panda records about my songs. great job!

[30 Jun 2009|06:10pm]
we like the music with the vocals mixed low
we speak of songs as if no one else knows
so unoriginal, our m.o.
until something better happens
until we find another way
hey, your soul has no crossover potential
is that the brain you want to own?
in the clubhouse, with our doors closed
convoluted scene, yeah I think I know exactly what you mean
someday I'll find out what this hope's for
find distance between my happiness and this bullshit dream
so apropos, hey that's our story how it goes
hope we don't spend life on our knees
begging do something with us please
your average woe has no punk rock credentials
your voice is not your own
so you better find you some friends
and try to make this feel like home you better laugh with your friends
or else you're gonna go it alone

[28 Jun 2009|09:27pm]
i used to wonder if those ships in the harbor could even sail, like you just kept them to remember how you used to be.
the noises on the beachside and the smallest winter claim; when the sharpest hint of colder air hits the music that we play. roads wind past the station when the expressway starts to see: "the smallest bones of the inner ear aren't things that we need". but we listen to the trains and all the lonely sands, and i could find my burning eyes drifting to your hands. the smallest, most fragile things that we've seen; all the lights and thunder living, searching for a dream. suddenly, you're lonely and i can see a darker hearse. my only regret is that it never happened first.
1 000

[20 Jun 2009|01:13pm]
i remember you well in the chelsea hotel,
you were talking so brave and so sweet,
giving me head on the unmade bed,
while the limousines wait in the street.
those were the reasons and that was new york,
we were running for the money and the flesh.
and that was called love for the workers in song
probably still is for those of them left.

ah but you got away, didn't you babe,
you just turned your back on the crowd,
you got away, i never once heard you say,
i need you, i don't need you,
i need you, i don't need you
and all of that jiving around.

i remember you well in the chelsea hotel
you were famous, your heart was a legend.
you told me again you preferred handsome men
but for me you would make an exception.
and clenching your fist for the ones like us
who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
you fixed yourself, you said, "well never mind,
we are ugly but we have the music."

and then you got away, didn't you babe.

i don't mean to suggest that i loved you the best,
i can't keep track of each fallen robin.
i remember you well in the chelsea hotel,
that's all, i don't even think of you that often.

[15 Jun 2009|06:29pm]
he was a sucker for your double dose motherfucker turned white as a ghost.

[08 Jun 2009|08:44pm]
when you die, your bones will turn to ashes. you always drown the ones you love.

[26 May 2009|05:50pm]
i guess i can hear the helicopters now.

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