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D.N.Angel Colorbars

Because fandom is hard to let go of I made a couple of D.N.Angel colorbars for everyone! Just copy and paste the codes onto your LJ. Please comment if you plan on using them. Enjoy! XD

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Dark Reality

Friends Only

People I Will Add:
- Open-minded people
- People with some common sense
- People I know in one way or another

Don't like but will tolerate:
- Fangirl-ism
- Yaoi/Yuri
- Teen angst

How to be added:
Just comment. =)

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I'm Finally An Adult

For my eighteenth birthday I spent the whole day with my family. Nothing better than that right (unless you hate your family)? Well, I guess it�s good for me since I�ll be going away for college. On Sunday at around noon my mom got the idea of wanting to go visit my grandma in Mexico. Great, next thing I need is to spend an entire day in that country. Don�t get me wrong, I love Mexico, but not the borders. I hate that place. After a while of whining I gave up and decided I wasn�t going to win, so I got ready and we were on our way. On the whole way I listened to my Metallica (Load) CD to just block everything out. I was already dozing off when I saw that we were at the international bridge. So we got through and all stuff and decided to eat in a restaurant that we usually visit when we�re there. Ok, this is the part I hate when I�m there: guys for some VERY strange reason always seem to hit on me. O_o I was walking down the street and just to make sure this time, I got ahead of my family so they could see where I was going. Somehow they ended up in front of me and I was behind them again. Then this guy out of nowhere jumps very near me and tries to speak English saying, "Hey baby, how are you?" It was hilarious, scary, and idiotic all at the same time. I really thought he was going to try to touch me so I got more aware up and ready to break his jaw with my fist if he even dared lay an hand on me. Luckily for me he didn�t and I moved to the side to get across. So we went in the restaurant and ate, but soon I got really annoyed �cause there was this lady who was smoking like a chimney. I can�t stand the smell of smoke or I�ll start coughing. >.< When we finished eating we left and took off to our grandmas house.

We got there around 2 or so and we all greeted each other and stuff. I can�t believe how strong that lady is. O_o When my mom told her it was my 18th birthday, she hugged me and man, she almost squeezed the air out of me. I guess one of the good things when we go over to her house is that we get tons and tons of candy due to her owning a small store that�s right next to her house. So basically I spent all afternoon and half of the evening at her house. A little before we left one of my uncle�s arrived. It had been such a long time since I�ve seen him. Almost a year or so. It shows too, �cause he had gray hair. O_o It was good to see him though, had been a while. We left around 8-ish and on the way I had my CD player full blast to the "This Is Halloween" song and started singing along with my little brother. What can I say? I�m still a kid at heart. ^^

Then on the way back to cross the international bridge this car about 4 meters away from us starts to get smoke under the hood. O_o Then the hood started making loud popping noises. Pretty soon it had gotten the attention from everyone, including the border patrol. They made all the vehicles turn off their engines and checked around. We spent over an hour waiting in that line. -_- Finally after what seemed like forever we got across and made it home. Ok, so I didn�t have a huge celebration but I liked it. I spend it with the people that matter the most to me and to me that�s all that matters.
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