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__moi's Journal

spanish harlem mona lisa
28 October

i. susy q. born october 28, 1985. nineteen years old. in love with julio. born in cali, colombia. living in queens, new york. stands at five foot four inches tall. weighs in around one hundred and fifteen pounds. an academic failure. aspiring pastry chef. has six tattoos & a few piercings. a homebody. loves taking care of her man.

ii. listens to: sum 41. the prodigy. avril lavigne. jimmy eat world. system of a down. no doubt (gwen stefani). justin timberlake. ciara. missy elliot. ludacris. maria mena. joss stone. maroon 5. jason mraz.

iii. watches: real world. road rules. (battle of the sexes) who's wedding is it anyway? growing up gotti. america's next top model. *laguna beach. all my children. one life to life. queer eye for the straight guy. trading spaces. queer as folk. sex and the city. while you were out. clean sweep. the look for less.

iv. likes: laying in bed all day. watching television. pastry arts. carmex. pepsi. watching soap operas and reality television. being alone and privacy. making lists and being organized. shopping. listening to music. livejournals. reading about other peoples lives. sweets and treats. small fluffy puppies and kittens. reading. chewing my own lips.

10172003, my love; julio