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make me smile

sugar we're going down [12 Aug 2005|11:00am]
[ mood | ya well i am crunk ]

So I have been back from Korea for 11 days I believe.School starts in 2 && a half days.Oh yay for school.Actually I am not sure if I was excited as I was before.I did find out a lot of things,like the old friends I hung around made me really depressed && I am actually a happier person on the inside.I don't give a flip if you label me prep now,as long as I am happy.Stereotypes are over rated && I still am the same person,except I dress differently.


make me smile

sweet home [02 Aug 2005|05:42am]
[ mood | home ]

I am finally back from my trip to Korea.It was a really long flight back && I am so tired.I went to bed at like midnight && now I am awake at 5 in the morning.I am not used to the time change.

I went running at 6am around the block.Then I did some pilates.Read some cosmogirl && misc. things.I am back to my daily schedule.

I redid my room,it's all Korea && then I redid my study room.I have registration on the 6th or the 9th.We haven't quite decided what day to go to.Then school starts the 15th.

Oh yay!

make me smile

new livejournal [29 Jul 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | fashion is fun ]

This is my new livejournal,my other one was wshs_krn.I like this one a whole lot better.Miyung is my korean name by the way.Anyways two more days..or 1 1/2 left in Korea,and I am sort of happy and sort of sad.I will miss my family,but I miss my friends.When I get back home I am taking loads of pictures for my profile.

I bought audrey hepburn jeans,they are soooo very cute.They have her face on the left leg.Once I get home and start running again they will be the cutest thing I own,that and my green tee that I can wear over my hot pink halter top.School shopping is coming up,I love school shopping.Just not the going to school and getting loads of homework part.

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