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__missbeth designs

v. 004

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  • bethNallthatjazz

icons:: this is the icon journal of retrospective__. i'll be posting more than just icons in here. i'll have some banners/headers, backgrounds, maybe eveb some layouts and pretty much whatever you ask for as well.
the rules:: all i ask for is:
credit somewhere (keywords, userinfo, friends only post)
a comment telling me what you took and so i know what you like. :)
common courtesy
requests:: i do requests, don't rush me though.
request form::
type of graphic (icon, header, friends only, background, wallpaper):
text (what you want written on the image):
where do you want the text located on the image?:
color(s) of text:
font style:
would you like a border? If so, describe:
other (be specific):
add me:: if you use my icons please add me to your friends list so i know that people are actually looking at my stuff and i'm not just posting icons for myself.
sisters:: if any journals would like to link me I'll link you back. :)
sources:: beautiful-sin, photoshopbrushes, tfe-design, obsidiandawn, paulalaloca, brusheezy, designfruit
fonts:: dafont