Living with another dog

It has been so long since I shared my living space with another dog! Since moving in with bellanna and spodlife I have had free run of the house. In the middle of October they put a baby gate across their bedroom door. I'm not a baby! I'm not even a puppy. I'm a grown up!

So it's back to the red fluffy mat thing for me to sleep on. Their bed is much more comfortable.

Three weeks ago Tim's sister visited, and she brought her fiance and their new dog - a springer spaniel puppy called Lena. Lena was full of energy and chased me around the nature walk for my ball:

Me and Lena

After eating a meal the new adults sneaked off while Lena was chasing me again in the field, leaving me to look after the young girl. It was a tough week for me as Lena always wanted to play with my toys, she used her cute looks to get attention from Tim and Sandi, and she leaked wee if she became excited.



Just when I thought the smell had gone, they tell me she's coming back for nearly 3 weeks over Christmas! I hope she's more grown up by then.

Weekend report

spodlife took me to class on Saturday while bellanna worked. I demonstrated my stand, sit and lie down positions perfectly and the teacher was very pleased with me. Tim then had me following him around the classroom with a treat in his hand. He does tease me!

Later in the afternoon he threw my favourite ball around the field for me to chase. Here are some pictures he took (click to enlarge) :


Let sleeping dogs lie

Not much of a walk today - just around the back of the village, to the shops and then home again. bellanna and spodlife walk so slowly while I want to run, scamper and frollic. It was hard work pulling them both there and back so I spent most of the rest of the day snoozing.



I'm a little bit annoyed, mummy and daddy bathed me. I don't smell like I should. I do not like the bath. It is slippery and the noise of the shower scares me. The shampooing is nice as I get rubbed all over.

After my shower I rubbed myself on everything in hope that I could get my old smell back.

Mummy took me out last night to play with Harvey. Harvey and I had a good time wrestling and chasing each other. We scared mummy and Chris though. We went through a hole in the hedge and when they went through the hedge we nipped back and ran home. Mummy and Chris thought that they had lost us.

I think we will be kept on a tighter lead until we reach open fields from now on.

I now have a start date for school. 24th September. This is going to be so exciting.

(no subject)

Wow what a lucky girl I am. Over the last month I have had so many outings and walks and met loads of new friends. My favourite new friend is Harvey Dog. He is a little boy terrier who is smaller than me. He is good for chasing. He loves to playfight with me, we can chase each other all over the fields. I get quite exhausted doing this but it is great fun.

We also went to Scampers That was great. All the girls in there kept giving me treats and lotsof people told me how good I look. I got lots of new toys, some of them are a bit dumb but the Kong is fab. I also got a bone which was really delicious. I like things I can chew.

We took a walk at the seaside. I wanted to chase the gulls and go for a swim. Mummy and Daddy were too wussy though and decided to seek refuge in the car. Maybe next time I will get my swim.

I've met horses for the first time. What strange creatures they are, all long legs and snorting noises. They really think they are something special. I tried to act all cool around them, but there were so many smells to sniff I got a bit carried away. I was so cool when I met a solo horse though. I sat by Mummy and pretended I had always been around horses.

I have heard it is roast chicken for dinner tonight. I like it when they have that. It is not as good as my usual stuff but it sure is tasty.
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more visitors

Mummy and daddy have too many visitors. Today Wendy came. She looked important. She had a clipboard and asked lots of questions about me. From what I have learned from listening to her and mummy and daddy, she was inspecting my home, making sure it was good enough for me to live in. She gave mummy a gold star and said she was happy I was here. Wendy is going to be my teacher when I start school. School sounds like fun, I get to go and be with lots of other dogs and we learn new stuff to get us more treats, we learn how to control humans and get to do some agility.
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animal hospital

Mummy took me on a really long walk this morning without giving me breakfast. We went in a new building that I had not been in before. I was taken into a little room where a lady poked me with a sharp stick. I felt a little sleepy and after a while I woke up and was not feeling too good and there was no sign of mummy. When I felt a bit better they gave me a bowl of rice and chicken. Then I heard mummy and daddys voices. They had come to rescue me. I was very glad to be home. I was also very tired. I also am not sure why my fur is gone on my tummy. Maybe they tried to make me into a human. Idiots, every dog knows we are a unique species. I need a nap now.
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walks and new faces

Are they trying to kill me? I have been on so many walks these last few days. I have been up hills and over fields, I have been into a little village and left tied to a lampost while Sandi went in the shop. Very undignified I have to say, doesn't she know all the boy dogs wee there. My walks have been fun. I wish I had more freedom though, she keeps me close to her side. maybe she is scared of something in the trees or bushes. I know there is plenty to sniff in them. I have not smelt anything scary though. If I was free to run I could go ahead and warn her of danger. I am good at that. Some older lady knocked on the door and she did not even notice until I warned her. The lady turned out to be nice, but I did not know that.

We also had some strange people in the house, they were called Mike and Amanda. I did not like them much. They smelled of cats. I need to get my doggy smell on them more before I'll let them play with me. I was glad when they went home. New people are a bit scary.

Talking of scary, Sandi scared me today. All I saw coming up the stairs was a gigantic dalmation. I growled and woofed to let Tim know what was coming. Then the dalmation spoke to me in human. Oops not a dalmation just Sandi in a silly furry thing. Why humans insist on wearing such stupid things I don't know. Although I suppose they get quite cold having so little fur.

I've decided I like them so much that I am going to let them be my new mummy and daddy. They are super. A few tweaks and they will be perfect.
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I had a real adventure today. That nice young couple who had visited me last week came to see me again, they took me into a little office and my nurse left me all alone. I cried for her but she did not come back. The people seemed to try and make friends with me. I was not too sure. There were also some really naughty jack russels in reception. I wanted to go out and have a good bark at them to put them in their place for being so yappy. The people put a new collar and lead on me. Oh goody, walkies.

They took me out to the carpark, last time I was in the carpark I got left here. I did not want to go in the car incase where I got taken was worse than here. They are quite smart for humans and they bundled me in a blanket and lifted me in. No amount of digging my heels down was going to help me here. Once in the car (what a silly mode of transport - I much prefer to feel the wind on my face and the grass under my paws) I settled the lady who called herself mummy was giving me lots of cuddles. I soon settled down.

We drove for quite a long way and when we stopped I was told welcome to your new home Millie. Hmmm Millie? my name is Minnie. Although I have always thought Minnie is a bit of a stupid name. Millie is much better. I found out I had my own bed and drinking and eating dish.(no more sharing YAY) I also had lots of funny rubber things being offered to me. I did not want to chew though. I might get in trouble. I was quite exhausted after all this excitement so I went to sleep. They left a light on for me. they think I am still a baby.
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