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If I were alone, I would cry. [entries|friends|calendar]
We'll be fugitives of time.

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HOWDY PARTNER [5/27@10:06pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

"last updated 59 weeks ago".
I don't think anyone will read this.
Besides Brian. Because he promised. And hes amazing and I <3 him.

IF anyone does actually read this, I've decided to update everyone on my life picture style. Since its been a super long time.

I cant believe I remembered the code for this linkCollapse )

On a side note, I really feel like I'm in a good place in my life right now.
There are people I know that I love, and love me back.
Although there are certain people (a person) I would really love to have in my life.
I just need to keep being positive, letting things roll off my back (is that the saying?), and enjoy life. I'll be 25 soon and I never thought I would be here when that happened. I see people I graduated with that are married & on the way to having their 3rd child, and I used to feel really behind in life. But I just have to keep remembering that its okay. I'm in no rush, and I want to enjoy it along the way.
With my new job, though, I'll probably be able to go to school for almost free. Which is so absolutely amazing!
Well. I'm sure I just wrote this all out for nothing.

Hopefully tomorrow is as good as today.
(thank you, brianpoo)

Now its time to go cuddle with cat formerly known as bubba.

[2] magic visions

So I was looking at super old entries on here, and I was thinking I kind of miss that.
Stupid myspace taking over the internet and all. WE ARE ALL SLAVES.


My aunts new puppy, Micah. How freakin' adorable is he? Eh? Eh?

Who the f even comes on here anymore?

And on a side note, man do I miss you Brianpoo.
[6] magic visions

I love my fiance so much!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!
[1] magic visions

I'm going to Florida tomorrow.
I just found out today that my uncle Marty passed on unexpectedly.
Its been a really bad day.

[ mood | contemplative ]

Has it really been 6 months since I've posted? I must've deleted some posts. I dont remember that.

So I gues its almost Christmas time again.
Has this year just flown by or what? Shit.
I love Christmas, but working two jobs is going to be crazy. Especially with both of them sort of being retail.
Black Friday I have to work 5-3:30 at Target, and then 5-11 (more like 12) at the Picture People. And then do it all again on Saturday. Crazy, right? Ugh. LAME.
I had a lot to write when I was thinking about it in my head, but now I'm just drawing a blank. This is probably why I never update anymore.
Its just going to be my dad & I for thanksgiving. Which is weird because that hasn't happened in fucking years. Grandmas in Florida, Heather is going to New York. And I work overnight on Wednesday, so I'll probably be sleeping most of the day Thanksgiving. At least until 1. Hopefully later.
This was really boring.
I miss you Danica.
Brian, I am thinking of you & your family.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

[1] magic visions

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