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Whaaaat! [26 Jul 2010|09:59pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well hey, lj land! I haven't been here in forever but it's nice to be back. Assuming I'll stay.


[01 Jun 2009|07:56pm]
Yum I want one.

[19 May 2009|06:12pm]
I just had to share something hilarious that happened with Izzy recently...

I was watching some re-runs of America's Next Top Model with Izzy but found something better to watch and changed the channel. Izzy flips out and yells "NO! Mommy! I want MODULL!" I knew she liked watching ANTM (when we watch it together she usually grabs a pair of my heels and struts as if on a catwalk) but DAMN! I swear she rather watch it than anything on Noggin.
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Writer's Block: All About My Mother [10 May 2009|09:35am]
Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?

Either Lynette from Desperate Housewives or Barbara Streisand in Meet the Fockers. I kind of also love Sharon Osbourne but I don't know if that counts since she's technically not a character.

[08 Apr 2009|04:47pm]
Cool things that have happened lately:

  • Izzy is pretty much 100% potty trained. She only wears a diaper to sleep and even then she doesn't pee in it. Sometimes she even wakes up in the middle of the night to tell me she needs to "pee pee!" Totally awesome!

  • I got a tattoo on Saturday. Pics are coming once it's healed.

  • I've learned how to use a gun.

  • After two and half months of being at a 0g my ears have self stretched to 00g!

  • I recently bought a shit ton of clothes for summer and I'm IN LOVE with my body in them.

  • I learned how to make a yum yum yummy stir-fry.

  • My little sister is arriving tomorrow and is going to stay with me for a week (she's on spring break). Can you say SHOPPING?!?

    Yeah, things have been going really well!
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    [01 Apr 2009|04:41pm]
    Happy 22nd to me!

    No, I'm not fooling you.
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    Writer's Block: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post) [29 Mar 2009|03:32pm]
    You finally have an excuse to use it—what userpic do you not get to use very often but can't delete because it's just that awesome?

    This one.
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    Writer's Block: Things You Don't Want to Know [23 Mar 2009|11:08am]
    If you knew that a friend's significant other was cheating on him or her, would you tell your friend the truth or keep it to yourself?

    I would tell my friend. It's what I would want a friend to do for me.

    Julieta Venegas [20 Mar 2009|09:48pm]
    Julieta Venegas is fucking gorgeous. Someone please tell me she's gay. Either way, I love her music.

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    [15 Mar 2009|09:59am]
    So I recently started going to Yahoo! Answers and I got a best answer! I don't really know what it means but hey! I got ten points? I don't know what the points are for either, lol. Anyway, here's the question and my answer.

    Slayer and Cannibal Corpse?
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    Writer's Block: Really, Truly [13 Mar 2009|05:48pm]
    Do you believe in true love? What about love at first sight?

    Yes. I believe in true love. And no, not love at first sight. More like lust at first sight.

    I knew the minute I saw Nick that I was going to fuck him and now look at us! Fucking fo' life!
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    [11 Mar 2009|07:18pm]

    , originally uploaded by michelleosaurus.

    Sea World pics at my Flickr!

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    [01 Mar 2009|01:16pm]
    I went to Megacon yesterday and it's safe to say that I go mostly for the art. Last year I bought two prints and an original from artist Nigel Sade (Ascending the Chain of Command and The Instrument). The original is not on the website. He had recently made it and hadn't been able to scan and upload a pic. It's a drawing of Cthulu called "Spring Time Cthulu" (he was going to do all 4 season Cthulu's). I'm actually thinking of purchasing the 13x19 print of "Make me Pretty".

    Anyway, this year I bought a print and a small original by artist Dirk Strangely. The print I bought was "Doll Face. The original had also recently been done but it's hella cute. It's called "Gothic Sperm" and was done with INCENSE. Haha. It's two little gothy spermies. I'll scan it eventually. He was kind enough to sign and personalize my print. I'll probably scan that too.

    Just thought I should share. I can't wait 'til FX. More good art! I need to save my money now!

    [16 Feb 2009|06:12pm]
    I should really be packing now.
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    Writer's Block: In a Former Life [16 Feb 2009|04:55pm]
    Do you believe in reincarnation? If your answer is "yes," describe some of your past lives.

    Abso-fucking-lutely. I don't know what any of my past lives were but I MUST have been a gay man. Or maybe I was Alice Paul? That would be bad ass.
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    [15 Feb 2009|10:46am]
    Funny moment of the day:

    I put Izzy in time out for throwing a tantrum and when her time out was over she says to me "Mommy, I don't like time out" so I told her if she didn't like time out then she had to behave and she wouldn't have to go. So she went off to play and I noticed she was talking to her baby and said "You have to go to time out!" and put her in the time out chair. I couldn't stop cracking up. Kids really do copy everything, don't they?

    [14 Feb 2009|06:24pm]
    I made some brownies and cupcakes for Nick and brought them to him at Target. I think that's one of the nicest things I've done for him in a while. I'm such a shitty wife!
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    [13 Feb 2009|10:26pm]
    So last night I was touching up some blue in my hair and made a giant mess (aka I got blue dye all over my forehead and ears!) and I was stupid enough to be wearing some clear earskins. Well, they're not so clear anymore! Try light blue. Awesome! lol
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    [12 Feb 2009|07:30pm]
    As a Star Wars fan, I think this is adorable.

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    Writer's Block: Dream Job [12 Feb 2009|06:15pm]
    If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

    I would have my own radio talk show. What would be better than sitting around, gossiping with friends, taking calls, and generally just screwing around?
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