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Oh, can we be mature? [entries|friends|calendar]

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"Every moment is an opportunity for Love and Transformation." [16 Aug 2008|03:35am]
Dear Jesso,

if i can sign into your account, then i will write this one entry in your account.

I have been in the shits, and it is your hands that have pulled me out and dusted me off.

It is your love, and it is your pure devotion that has opened my eyes and led me into a new, and unexpected life. I had different plans before our worlds intertwined. And now those plans seemed to have come together a lifetime ago. They no longer matter.

Its you now. Is is my intent to always be by your side. To hold your hand. To kiss your face. To get lost in those eyes that seem to be as endless as the ocean.

I want to give you love. And i want you to feel it. Embrace it. And never forget it. I will do whatever i can to make you smile. Because baby, that smile is the reason my life is good. And my life is good, because of YOU. It is a perpetual cycle that you and I create. And like all perpetual things, this will not come to an end. I won't let it.

I have made so many mistakes in this relationship and i have acknowledged them and have regretted each one. From now on, things are different. i have changed. i have realized what i have, and exactly how special you are to me. i live for you now. i will do everything you want, i will be everything you need. Not soley because you want this, But because i LOVE this. I love to please you. I love to make you happy. And i promise i will.

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[05 Feb 2008|02:41pm]
Jessica Tasca
Weekly Thoughts1
February 5, 2008

With every reading that I read in Barry’s “Beginning Theory” and Rivkin and Ryan’s “Literary Theory: An Anthology”, I felt that I understood the in-depth, abstract descriptions of criticism and theory. I would read, shake my head in agreement, understand the points made, but then, before I could be proud of my analysis, I would feel a sense of panic, for I was, in fact, understanding the surface level of the pieces, yet there was so much more I didn’t understand. This scared me. I felt doubt. I saw where the author’s were going, yet I couldn’t exactly get it.
I enjoyed Barry’s introduction the most, quite frankly, for his honest linguistics allowed me to dive into this writing and really understand the basic principles of theory. This is what I felt was most important. Before I could understand Rivkin/Ryan and Shklovsky, I had to understand the foundation on which they were building. I actually continued reading into Barry before I moved onto the others (for I felt most comfortable there) and caught interest in Matthew Arnold’s idea to fill literature in where religion was missing. This made me ask, is literature an adequate substitute for higher influence? Could literature unite society as religion would, with values and morality? John Locke’s theory of how we learn though experience also caught my eye. The last bit of information that I found to be curious was T.S. Eliot’s idea that poetry should not be personal experience and expression, rather the influence of the poet’s predecessors. I found this theory questionable; maybe I do not understand fully, but although former ideas can help mold new ones, I find it very bold and irrational of Eliot to say that this is absolutely necessary. New and great thoughts are born every day and to steal a writer’s thunder and say that it was the sole work of his forerunner would be, I find, ridiculous.
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[12 Dec 2007|02:39am]
Jessica Tasca
ID: 000886325
Extra Credit Assignment

The Milgram Obedience Study

In this experiment, Stanley Milgram took un-knowing subjects to pose as “teachers”, and actors to pose as “learners”. The “teachers” were instructed to give an electric shock to the “learners” every time they answered a question wrong during the experiment. As the experiment progressed, the “teachers” were convinced the “learners” were getting continually increased shocks for their incorrect answers. Despite the screaming and pleading of the “learners”, more often than not the “teachers” kept increasing and distributing the shocks until the final 450 Volts was reached, with very few stopping before 300 Volts. When the “teachers” asked the experimenters who would be responsible for any physical damage on the “learners”, the reassurance that nothing will be done to them and it is purely on the experimenter made them less apprehensive to continue the experiment. The overall findings of the experiment were that, despite the pain they knew they were inflicting, the “teachers” continued with the experiment until the very end.
The results of this experiment have interesting ramifications on human behavior. The un-knowing “teachers” were told they must continue with the experiment despite their sometimes better judgment. Surprisingly, most people did continue to almost the end, or to a very high level. Apprehensiveness was great, but many remained obedient with the thought that it was necessary for the experiment. The situation they were put into was of high-intensity and extremely stressful for some, however most of them continued aside from their guilty consciences. They did what they were told with little objection.
The real world implications of this experiment are interesting. It shows that, adult or not, when someone is told what to do in certain situations, they will do it. Knowing that they would not be responsible for any of the physical or mental damage of the “students” may have also had an affect on whether or not the “teachers” would have continued inflicting so much pain on them. Although the experimenters really only had little authority over the “teachers”, they continued obeying. Where are people’s consciences?! They felt that it was okay since they would not get penalized for their actions. All in all, people are easily influenced. If they aren’t at risk of repercussions, they are more than likely to do what they’re told aside from their better judgment.
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[25 Sep 2007|12:29am]
i haven't written in months.

dani and i broke up tonight.
the love of my life.
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[26 Mar 2007|08:00pm]
i had such a good day today!

i went to the fishkill correctional facility with my critical health issues class, and it was increidble. i had such an awesome time.

i just came back from the gym and sushi with scott and kristen.
it was a lovely time.

bahamas is in 3days.
scott agreed to take my hours tomorrow so i can finish packing, get my last licks at the gym and so baby can get her first wax! Ouch!

i'm so tired, but i'm in such a good moood!
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[16 Apr 2006|07:16pm]
i feel like having a beerbq
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[18 Mar 2006|09:36pm]
my new job at diesel is amazing,
and i'm in love with everyone i work with.
i'm fucking exhausted, but i don't care!

my friends are in the other room, 5 people are getting their hair dyed,
but i don't have the energy to join their pep,

although i am patiently waiting to contribute to the soco ingestion; PEACE OUT
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[26 Mar 2005|11:50am]
[ mood | excited. ]

so my room was a disaster.
a mess x 30495.
and i started to clean it, and i realized how many clothes i have.
i have a SHITLOAD that i never wear.
because i'm horrified of taking risks.
i'd rather wear the 5 outfits that i always wear and be sure that i'm not making a statement than wearing something different that i could fail in.
okay, so i'm scared of tight clothes.
but that's going to change.
because i have the CUTEST jeans that i've abandon because GOD FORBID PEOPLE CAN SEE MY BODY.
i'm going to work out like crazy. get into habit.
and then i'm going to resurrect my wardrobe.

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[03 Dec 2004|12:54pm]
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