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Thu, Aug. 12th, 2004, 09:08 pm
less than 12 hours :D

today is my last day in brockport for 2 weeks!!

niki picked me up to chill to say goodbye, and we went out to Paulie's with Robbie.. chilled there for a bit then came home. Katie came over and then we walked to work, had pie and talked to shawna. then i came home

ive chilled in the city a lot since recent events, im begining to like it alot :D

im going to california soon, dont bother calling unless youre one of the people i adore cuz i dont give a shit about youuuu! see ya the 27th FUCKERS! :)

Thu, Aug. 12th, 2004, 10:58 am

yesterday was a lazy day- i slept and worked then came home and slept again. hahaha.




i am so excited i cannot contain myself AHHH. :D

Wed, Aug. 11th, 2004, 10:57 am

I was so excited to go camping yesterday but I will never AGAIN go to Hamlin Beach State Park....

...Me Nik Katie n Shawna got there around 430, unloaded everything.. we set up all our tents and shit and Seth, Ryan James!!, and Scottness came down and helped us. Scott tried to cook hamburgers on a little grill without a spatula and we were all having a good time. A few drinks and more people later, we didnt realize how loud and drunk we were and how many people we had.. after 10 you're supposed to have no more than 6 people and we had 11. Niki Paulie Robbie and I left to go smoke a blunt at the camp store, and scott called Niki's cell phone and told her the park ranger (who had already stopped by before) had came, and made them pour their beer out and told them the cops might come. So we all walked back and as soon as I got there a police officer came. He asked us all for ID and made us dump out every single alcoholic beverage we had. Paulie, Katie, Nik, n Seth had to be breathalized- Nik n Kt passed, Seth failed, and Paulie was considered "the legal limit of nothing" because he was so fucked up. Asshole cop gave Nik a ticket for possesion of alcohol but the rest of us were straight. Mike and Jackie were so gay I wanted to kill them cuz they were gunna sleep over and they left in the middle of the night! Paulie and I stayed up til 4, idk how but we did.

And here I am. Sitting here chattin to schramz and getting shit ready for cali! wooooooie! i dont feel like writing anymore

oh yeah-- shawnas dad found my 30 pack in katies trunk. :)

Tue, Aug. 10th, 2004, 01:30 pm
you live what you learn

its already august and summer is almost ooooover! :( im gunna miss it

Yesterday Katie came out here and we got shawna and chilled.. smoked a blunt on the canal and called Kari.. we went to jackies n chilled then all of us went out to Tiki's with kari. We smoked so much pot and i didnt even get high :( Then we went to the beach and I just wanted to go home.

Today is the day I have been waiting for!! We're going camping yayyY! i dont even give a fuck if it rains. but i wish ada could come :( :(

Mon, Aug. 9th, 2004, 10:33 am

The Basics (Everyone knows them, but they keep asking)

1.First Name: Carli
2.Middle Name: Angela
3.Last Name: Plumeri
4.Nicknames: car, car car, tits
5.Birthday: February 6th
6.How ol would that make you? 16
7.Star Sign: Aquarius

More Intimate (Just some more basic questions…only in detail)

8.Righty or Lefty? righty
9.Hair Color: Blonde
10.Preferred Hair Color: Blonde
11.Eye Color: Hazel
12.Preferred Eye Color: Blue
13.What would you be wearing right now? nikis brockport shirt and yellow shorts
14.What jewelry are you wearing, if any? necklace, earings, belly ring

This or That (Everybody just LOVES this section…don’t you?)

15.Coke or Pepsi: coke
16.Cake or Pie: pie
17.Popcorn or Chips: popcorn
18.Theatre or Home: theatre
19.Pants or Shorts: pants
20.Phone or AIM/AOL: AIM
21.Sneakers or Boots: depends
22.Pudding or Jell-O: jello
23.Winter or Summer: summer
24.Ski or Board: board
25.Chocolate Milk or White Milk: chocolate
26.Silver or Gold: silver
27.Cows or Pigs: cows

Favorites (Is this your favorite section? It’s mine.)

28.Color: black
29.Number: 3
30.Time of the day: night
31.Day of the week: friday
32.Month of the year: july
33.Scent: Ralph by Ralph Lauren
34.Taste: mmm
35.Flavor of pudding: vanilla
36.Flavor of Jell-O : red
37.Flavor of Ice Cream: PIECE OF CAKE
38.Kind of Cake: white
39.Kind of Pie: apple
40.Beverage: iced tea
41.T-Shirt: my linkin park one :)

Relationships (Friends...and more)

42.Do you have friends? alot
43.I would sure hope so. How many? alot
44.Who's the one you secretly hate? SHAWNA (kidding baby, i love you)
45 .Who's the one you would die without? shawna
46.Who's gonne be pissed you sent them this? im not sending it to anyone
47.Who won't give a rats bum? everyone
48.Have a crush? Who? hehe
49.Have you ever had a bf/gf before? yep
50.Were they good in bed? Only kidding. Were they good bf/gf material? eh
51.How many gf/bf's have you had? i dont know, i dont like being held down
52.Who was the best one? psh
53.Do you have a bf/gf now? no
54.Tell me their name:
55.What is your current view on the relationship?
56.What needs work?
57.What's perfect?
58.Tell me...oh I don't know, 5 nice things about your gf/bf:

Girls Section (Fill it out. Not limited just to girls.)

73.Boxer or Briefs? both
74.Short or long hair? short
75.Tall or short? tall
76.Muscles or Regular guy? either is fine with me
77.Naughty or Nice guy? naughty
78.Do you want a Romantic Guy? its not necessary
79.Are hats ok? mmhm :)
80.Piercings? yeah but nothin ugly
81.Do you like Dimples? dimples are sexy
82.How about Freckles? dont matter
83.Cutie or macho man? cutie
84.Dark or Light eyes? either brown eyes or blue eyes
85.Tan or Fair? tan
86.Jewelry or none? i dont care
87.Indoor guy or outdoor guy? both
88.Shy or outgoing? outgoing
89.Do you like to take lead in the relationship? sometimes
90.Do you like to make the first move? i hate it

The Random Section (Just trying to add more questions)

91.What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? snorted midol
92.What's the most embarassing thing you have ever done? fell in wegmans parkinglot with katie on my back.. and i fell out of paulies car one night. haha
93.What's the nicest thing you have ever done? i dont know!?
94.How do you get to school? katie and lindsay used to drive me.. now idk
95.What do you eat for breakfast? usually nothing
96.What do you sleep in? depends on if its hot or cold
97.What color are your bedroom walls? wood
98.How about your sheets? lepord
99.How many people have been with you inbetween those sheets? a few haha
100.Wasn't this a fun survey? it occupied me

Mon, Aug. 9th, 2004, 10:12 am

First of all, what is the time? 10:12 AM

+ About Yourself +
Name :: Carli Angela
Age :: 16
Date of birth :: February 6th
Gender :: female
Where are you from? :: Niagara Falls NY
Nicknames :: car, car car, tits
Middle name(s) :: Angela
Do you have any pets? :: 2 cats
What makes you happiest? :: being alive
What makes you the saddest? :: being alone

+ Have You Ever +
Said ‘I Love You’ and not meant it? :: no
Taken drugs? :: yesssss
Been cautioned/arrested? :: nope
Been to a concert? :: alot
Cried during a movie? :: yup
Been on stage? :: no
Witnessed a crime? :: yup
Swore at your parents? ::yep
Been abroad? :: no
Been on holiday? :: yes
Failed a grade? :: yes i failed Math A and have to repeat it this September, thanks you fuckin bitch
Told the person you had a crush on you liked them? :: no
Ran away from home? :: yeah, tom and katie made me come home

+ Last Thing You Did +
Last thing you ate :: popcorn last night from nikis mom
Last magazine you read :: people?
Last person you spoke to :: jackie
Last person you emailed :: i dont email
Last thing you brought :: a campsite for tomorrow
Last shop you went in :: Penny's
Last song you listened to :: Oye Mi Canto by NORE
Last website you went on :: live journal
Last time you said anything :: last night

+ Favourites +
Favorite color :: black
Favorite band :: soco, the used, linkin park
Favorite solo singer :: camron now (still <3 50)
Favorite film :: Cabin Fever
Favourite song :: dont stay -lp
Favorite album :: meteora by lp and nellys 1st cd
Favorite TV show :: maury
Favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character :: joey
Favorite day of the week :: friday
Favorite day of the year :: everyday
Favorite type of music :: rap, hiphop, rock
Favorite TV channel :: 28
Favorite boys names :: tyler and james
Favorite girls names :: adrianna
Favorite person in the world :: paulie and jimmy baker and erik jennejohn

+ Body Matters +
Do you like your body? :: sure
What would you change about your body if you had the chance? :: id want blue eyes

+ Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes +
Do you like the shape of your head? haha sure
Do you like your eyes? yes
What color are your eyes? hazel
What would you change about your face? nothing
Are you attractive/average/ugly? :: id do me
Have you got broad shoulders? :: no
Do you like your shoulders? :: sure
Have you got knobbly knees? :: no
Are they fat/chubby/skinny? :: haha my KNEES? wtf
Describe your feet? :: feet make me sick

+ Tattoos and Piercings +
Have you got any tattoos or piercings? :: ears/bellybutton
How many do you have? :: 8 in ears / 1 belly button
What are they of? :: piercings
Do you think lip, eyebrow and nose piercings look good? :: yes
What do you think of sleeves (tattoos all on the arm)? :: its okay
Would you ever consider getting a tattoo – if you don’t already have one? :: yes!
If yes, what would you have? ::

+ Emotions +
Do you show your emotions much? :: no, i learned its better not to
What scares you most in life? :: lonelyness
What angers you most in life? :: assholes
What upsets you most in life? :: ^
What makes you happy in life? :: my girls, mikers, pot
What helps cheer you up? :: the weirdly shapped blue glass thing in my purse filled to the top with a plant
Who is usually there for you when you feel down? :: my girls.. and mikers
Are you more optimistic then pessimistic? :: i like to think im optimistic
Is the glass half full or half empty? :: half full
How short is your temper? :: real short

+ Choose One +
Tom Delonge/Mark Hoppus :: MARK<3
Blink-182/Busted :: blink
Busted/McFly :: ??
Ashton Kutcher/Topher Grace :: ashton
Watching movies at home/Watching movies at the cinemas :: cinemas
Crisps/Chips :: chips
McDonalds/KFC :: kfc
Rock music/Pop music :: rock
Punk/RnB :: punk
Black/White :: black
Hot/Cold :: hott
Red/Blue :: red
Happy/Sad :: happy
Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore :: cameron
Avril Lavigne/Fefe Dobson :: avril
Talking over the phone/Talking face to face :: to face

+ Random Questions +
If you could have one wish in the world, what would it be? :: happiness forever
If you had the chance to meet 3 people, dead or alive, which 3 would you choose? ::

1. 50 cent
2. jay z
3. my grandpa- id want him back :( <3

Who would play you in a film about your life? :: sure!
What’s the first word you lay your eyes on after you’ve finished reading this sentence? :: lay
Do you have posters on your wall? :: yesm
If yes, how many have you got? :: 2
Who or what are they of? :: 50 Cent, and 50 Dre and Eminem above my bed ;)
What will you be doing at 9:00 tonight? :: hopefully out with my friends
How much jewellery are you wearing at the minute and what are you wearing? :: 8 earings, a cross necklace, and a pretty bellybutton ring
Do you have a life motto? :: live it to the fullest
Have you ever been in love? :: no
Who was your first non-famous crush? :: ew
What is your marital status? :: single
What is the weather like outside right now? :: sunny
Pick up one thing from your desk, what is it? :: a pen
Do you like watching TV? :: i hate tv
Describe the chair you’re sitting on :: spinny
Have you enjoyed this survey? :: sureee
Now, we will finish as we started – what is the time? haha 1024

Sun, Aug. 8th, 2004, 08:36 pm

It feels really good to be home right now, I don't remember the last night that I didn't go out and I slept at home :)

Last night was a lot of fun, we all went to Jamie's graduation party. I forreal smoked so much pot that I smoked my self completly straight. All we did was sit around and laugh at eachother. Shawna and Mike were so high they found a cat and named it Chelsey and claimed it was their baby, and Katie got mad that Shawna wouldnt let her hold it and she threw it and kicked it! Mike and I slept in a tent next to Shawna n Katie and we were so overtired all we did was laugh. We woke up and brought Shawna to work.. and Mike still hasn't gotten our fuckin tents!

Today I went to the Park Ave fest with Katie and Niki.. we walked around and I was so stoned all I wanted to do was go to sleep! But we had fun, we saw Erin Ada n Allyson and I <3 Ada so much! We decided that since Katie and I are leaving for Cali on friday we needed to have a fun night this week, so Tuesday the three of us and Paulie and Robbie are going camping for a night at Hamlin Beach! I can't wait, its gunna be fun and its the last time I'll see Robbie cuz he's going to college :(

I AM SO EXCITED TO GO TO CALIFORNIA! Only 5 days Katie, only 5 days!

I ran outta shit to say so PEACE!

Sat, Aug. 7th, 2004, 12:13 pm
nothin new

I dont know why I have to sleep in every day. But I like it :D

Niki picked me up yesterday and we got shawna from drivers ed, smoked and went to the mall for like 2.5 seconds.. came home, got even more high, and then I had to wooork :(

After work Niki picked me up and we went to Hamlin Beach! Paulie and Robbie were camping there so I told them I'd come out n chill.. it was pretty fun. Niki left me at 11 and it was just me n the boys but I didnt care. Kari came to pick me up after the city and Paulie walked me all the way to her car then I went home and went to bed

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Fri, Aug. 6th, 2004, 12:57 pm

Every day of my life just keeps getting more and more interesting!

Yesterday I went shopping with my dad and my little brother, bought some shit and kept the rest of the money so i could get the gooods, you know :)

Shawna came over when she got outta work.. we sat around and decided what we wanted to do, and I thought it would be fun to go to Paulies in the city. So we went! We got 60$ worth of green and went out there n chilled with him n robbie til like 1 then Kari picked us up with Queena and we went to Tikis. I was so scared out there I made Shawna sit in the car with me and all Tiki's cousins flocked around us like we were the fuckin rebirth of christ. Then we came home, watched Varsity Blues and went to bed.

Paulie and Robbie are camping at Hamlin Beach tonight and I really want to go so I hope Ada n Katie will come but if they dont I will go alone. I dont care.

:) byeeeee

Thu, Aug. 5th, 2004, 11:38 am
"Is it illegal to get a dog high?"

So last night Mike, Ada and I decided to not drive around and waste the night and actually go somewhere and chill, so we went to the house that Adrienne's sister is house sitting. Shes watching this house that belongs to these two dykes with 3 kids and two dogs.. its a pretty nice house, traditional family place but my GOD there were so many goddamn pictures! Anyways, we couldnt find the key to get in, so Mike said if we just pulled up on the screen door it would pop open... instead of popping open it popped OFF. Haha anyways, we got situated and then sat outside and did our business. While sitting outside, Ada and I told Mikers about the Sopranos, so Mike decided to join and become the boss and he did and now he can run me and ada around and everyone else whose in it. ANYWAYS. We had so much fun, these people had a rotwiler and we got it soo high and it was running everywhere and we couldnt find it. Ada and I search the entire house and then Ada thought she heard someone in the bedroom so we grabbed a knife and went and looked but nothing was there. When Allyson came home the dog was still going crazy and she kept saying "Ada whats wrong with the dog? Why is it so weird?" and all we could do was laugh.

In case youre wondering, it is NOT illegal to get a dog high and it is not considered cruelty. We looked it up online while mike searched the dykes room......... :)

i love my friends

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